Ayushmann Khurrana’s Article 15 is in Cinemas now. Here are the fresh reviews

‘I and you are not visible to them. If we ever become Harijan, then we become a Brahmin. Just being unable to become a masses, we can also count in Jana Gana Mana. Do not demand justice for justice. These dialogues of Experience Sinha directed Article 15 are enough to show the irony and shock shown in the film. Article 15 of the Constitution written by Dr. Baba Saheb Ambedkar, written by the Constitution, 69 years ago, clearly states that the state, against any citizen, is against religion only, religion, dynasty, race, gender, birthplace or any of these There will be no difference on the basis, but this discrimination is still in the society and is so horrible that a class special to show their gratitude not only with their daughters, That rape is done but rather be hanged on the tree.Image result for article 15credit: third party image reference

IPS officer Ayan Ranjan (Ayushman Khurana) is given charge of Lalonga police station in Madhya Pradesh. Returned from Higher Studies from Europe, Aya is very eager to come to this area, but talking to her friend Aditi (Isha Talwar) on messages, she tells that there exists a different world in the area which does not match the urban life. Accounts Right now, he did not understand the atmosphere there right that it was reported that three Dalit girls working in the factory there are missing, but their FIRs have not been registered. Manoj Pahwa and Kumud Mishra, who work in that police station, tell him that this is what happens to these people. Girls run away from home, then they come back and many times their parents hang them under Honor Killing. Aiyan gets the impression that the Dalit girl Gaura (Sayani Gupta) and villagers are unaware that the truth is something else. When he tries to go into his fold, then he sees a mud spreading in the name of caste, from which the minister of the state ranges from the posterior to the police station.Image result for article 15credit: third party image reference

This heart-thrilling case of gang rape on Ayan is pressured to search case by wearing an honor killings, but Ayaan is committed to expose the cruel and dirty face of this social inequality. The biggest trait of directing director Sinha’s direction is that he introduced this abominable form of racism in the thriller style and when the layers of the story begin to open, then with a sense of horror, you are shocked that these so-called decent, What is the real form of family-loving and white-collarred characters? The scene in the film is shocking when Ayan learns that girls were raped and killed just after demanding more than three rupees a day’s wages. There are many such delusional scenes in the film. The director has kept the film realistic in every way.

Image result for article 15credit: third party image reference

Some scenes filmed in Cinematography of Evan Mulligan distract you. The face of the girls hanging on the stomach by hanging the face dark or by the worker going inside the drain to clean the scene. Heart-piercing dialogues like directing and cinematography are also not less flattery. Dalit leader Zeeshan Ayub’s dialogue, ‘It does not allow the book to take its oath. On this Ayushman says, ‘That is the fight that will run from that book, it will run from this country.’

Many people force them to think. The music of Mangesh Thakde is influential. The supporting cast is the cornerstone of the acting film. As a committed police officer for a handsome, fearless and framing, Ayushman Khurana has done a great job at this level of career. His characteristic has been that he has not let it over over the top anywhere. Your character is very beautifully underplayed. Sayani Gupta has acted as a Gaura. Zeissan Ayub leaves the impact despite a small roll. The acting of Manoj Pahwa and Kumud Mishra is wonderful. The actress who played the teenage actress has instinctively acted. Isha Talwar has received less screen space, but she has done justice with her role.

Why not look at this reality and thriller movie that shows the mirror to society?

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