“People will always compare”, says Badshah on Masakali 2.0

Masakali 2.0 release:

Siddharth Malhotra and Tara Sutaria are being trolled continuously since they have worked on the remake of the popular song Masakali. People on all the social media platforms are comparing the Masakali 2.0 Song with the original Masakali song and are criticizing the remake. Bollywood Rapper Badshah joined the controversy and expressed his views on this remake.

Badshah’s reaction on Masakali

In a recent interview with Mumbai Mirror Badshah said that people will always compare the remake with the original song. he further added his remake of Aankh Maarey and said he loved the remake more than the original song. Badshah said “My song Wakhra Swag which I sung in 2015 has also been modified and remixed and used in a movie that too without informing me. People liked the remake also but my original version is still liked by all.”

Badshah also claimed that his remake of Humma Humma was liked and praised by AR Rehman himself. Badshah said “We were in a party and he called me and said that he liked my version of Humma Humma a lot”

Controversy on Genda Fool

Badshah has passed statements on Masakali 2.0 but notably he is also being surrounded on his remake of Genda Fool song. There are allegations of plagiarism on Badshah for this song. On this Badshah says “If it was a case of plagiarism, we would have been suffering. Even before, the original song has been recreated many times. Even in Bengali films Ratan ji was not given credit. It is sad because royalties are the source of earning of any artist. I will also share the royalties of this song with him.”

These days the trends have changed, the remakes and remixes tend to be liked more over the original creations, but you never know what goes in people’s mind and how they will react to your song.

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