Saamana targets Akshay Kumar- Says Not even Bollywood actors like Akshay spoke on Mumbai’s insult

Mumbai Government through Saamana targets Akshay Kumar. Writes that Mumbai has given a lot to Akshay Kumar and other Bollywood actors a lot. He got great success in this city of dreams but still didn’t even say a word against Kangana Ranaut who insulted Mumbai.

The Shiv Sena has once again targeted Kangana Ranaut through its manifesto Saamana. The actress has been accused of insulting Mumbai. It has been said that Kangana compared the Mumbai Police to Babur, describing the city as Pakistan Occupied Kashmir, but still a section of Bollywood remained silent on it. That section did not clarify even once that Kangana’s views are not the views of the entire Bollywood.

Shiv Sena’s Manifesto Saamana targets Akshay Kumar

Actor Akshay Kumar has also been taunted in the Saamana. It has been written that Mumbai has given a lot to Akshay Kumar. He has found immense success in this city of dreams, but still he did not utter a word against Kangana. Mumbai was insulted but he did not oppose it. They write- not complete, at least half of the Hindi film industry should have come forward to protest against the insult of Mumbai or should have taken a stand for their work ground. Kangana’s opinion is not the opinion of the entire film industry, it should have been said. At least the big artists like Akshay Kumar etc. should have came to front.

Angry over Bollywood’s silence in Kangana controversy

Shiv Sena has also questioned the entire Bollywood on the pretext of Kangana controversy. According to them, whenever Mumbai is insulted, someone rapes this city, then these stars get bowed down. They do not utter a word against that insult. It is written in the article – The houses of the nobles around the world are in Mumbai. When Mumbai is insulted, all of them choose to remain silent bowing their neck. The importance of Mumbai is only to exploit and earn money for them. They don’t even care if someone rapes Mumbai every day, it is okay for them. All of them should keep in mind that ‘Thackeray’ has the command of Maharashtra. Therefore, there is no need to go on the road and do Rada etc. for the self-respect of the Bhumiputras.

At the same time, every statement of Kangana has been targeted in this article. When the BMC sabotaged her office, Kangana linked it to the Ram temple. Now it has been portrayed only as a drama of Kangana. She is being repeatedly reminded of her Pakistan Occupied Kashmir statement. Now through this article of Saamana, Bollywood has also been pointed at the finger, in such a situation, another round of allegations and counter-allegations can be seen.

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