A comment from Commentary box by Sunil Gavaskar on Anushka and Virat Kohli goes viral; here are some live updates

Sunil Gavaskar in an IPL match commentary left a comment on Virat Kohli and Anushka Sharma. The message was misinterpreted and here in this article you will know the entire truth.

Sunil Gavaskar comment on Virat and Anushka:

IPL 2020 is going on and how is it possible that an IPL season finishes without a controversy. This time the controversy happened right in the first week of starting of IPL 2020. It was a match between Royal Challengers Bangalore and Kings XI Punjab on 24th Spetember. Sunil Gavaskar was in the commentary box at the time when Virat Kohli lost his wicket. Virat Kohli has not been found doing well this IPL with his bat. In 2 matches he has made 15 runs so far. Sunil Gavaskar left a comment on his performance and it went viral due to misinterpretation.

Here’s his comment: “Ab joh lockdown tha to sirf Anushka ki bowling ki practice ki unhone, wo video dekhi hai (reference to a viral video), usse to kuch nahi hona hai “(Translation: During the recent lockdown he only practiced to Anushka’s bowling, I saw a video. But that is not going to be enough).

The comment went viral on social media, since 25th morning everyone was talking about it. The people who noticed the comment started sharing it in a fun way, but no one knew it would become a great issue in no time. The comment was hyped and misinterpreted and is being presented in a different way as it was intended to be.

Here’s what Sunil Gavaskar meant by the comment:

The words used by Sunil Gavaskar were misinterpreted, and so badly that he was the main target of feminists gang by the end of the day.

Here’s the actual video clip which is from the match:

In this video he was referring to a video from past which was shot by some neighbor of Virat Kohli. That video was shot in lockdown where Virat Kohli is seen practicing on Anushka Sharma’s bowling. Here is the video for you:

So this was the actual video Sunil Gavaskar was talking about. Hence targeting him is just a way to get in news, it shouldn’t have been so big issue.

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