Bigg Boss 14 Day 5 Written updates: Rahul Vaidya Fight with Pavitra, Nishant and Jaan, Eijaz Khan’s break Down and much more

Bigg Boss 14 Day 5 was full of some arguments between Nishant, Pavitra and Jaan vs Rahul, read the episode’s written updates here.

New Day, New Task: Impressing Sidharth Shukla

Show started with task where four girls Rubina, Jasmine, Pavitra and Nikki will try to impress Sidharth. Here all the remaining came and sat with coffee cups for their entertainment. All the girls were dancing around Sidharth but more then their dance remaining contestants were shown maybe because of trolling of that part on social media. Despite girls there was another dance performance which was going between Eijaz and Jaan and trust me this one was much better than what girls were doing. Nikki was doing something extra and she looked uncomfortable. The task was surprisingly telecasted for only 5 minutes (power of social media).

Sidharth Shukla’s partiality towards Nikki:

Then it was Sidharth’s turn to announce which girl lost this round. He chose Rubina though he said everyone did their best. Rubina was too good here and also she said “I was doing but to make it funny”, which was great job what she did because this task definitely needed that. Shehzad finds that same Sara cute who he thought was fake.
It was time for final round where Sidharth filled all the glass in trays and remaining 3 girls Jasmine, Pavitra and Nikki hold it. Girls were moving and then again heard same noisy voice of Nikki (why does this girl shout so much), then Shehzad came and dropped glasses of Nikki. Frustrated by that Nikki threw glasses of Pavitra and then Pavitra threw glasses of Jasmine. Though Jasmine claimed that her tray still had drink on which Sidharth called her wrong and it was evident that he did that as he wanted to save Nikki (god knows why). Sidharth ago said to leave the tray to Jasmine but why is he soft towards Nikki. Sidharth was also shouting but why, somebody tell him it’s not his task. Sidharth even fought with Shehzad for Nikki saying if you say about others that you should respect girls then you should also practice what you preach. Sidharth said this was disrespecting a girl and said “Yeh mariyada laangna hai” but it’s nothing like that , it’s not at all disrespecting anyone. Shehzad was absolutely right here.
Bigg boss asked Sidharth about the winner and told him task didn’t get cancelled so Sidharth chose Nikki as winner because according to him interference of boys was not right and Nikki got saved from nomination but I think this was unfair decision by Sidharth. Then Hina also gave some advice to Nikki (are Sidharth and Hina here as mentors to her, this shows their partial behavior).
In my opinion Shehzad was nowhere wrong and even Rubina said that this decision was influenced and it is personal that’s why Sidharth chose Nikki. Abhinav said ” Sid having sympathy for her is too dramatic”, Rubina was so right when she said “Sid ne Shehzad ko pakda kyuki usne uska game bigada Nikki ka gira kr” which was absolutely correct. Sidharth being a sensible guy this is not expected.

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Eijaz and Pavitra Bonding up:

Pavitra was again seen praising Eijaz that you a kind of personality who didn’t listen to anyone, I wanna see that Eijaz (even we viewers also want that) . Shehzad told Sara that slowly everyone will get it that I know you very well. Nishant, Jaan and Nikki were discussing that seniors are not here for babysitting (but that’s what they are doing to Nikki).
Again they started discussion on 7 items again Shehzad and Nikki argued over that, this is more like repeat telecasted daily. And after that Rahul, Jaan and Nishant fought over chutney (seriously guys, are you kidding me).

Viewer’s Question for Hina:

Today a viewer got a chance to ask a question from Hina, so he asked who are the strongest and weakest player in her opinion. Hina who I think is quite straight forward was a bit diplomatic before saying “It’s too early, sabki personality dheere dheere bhar aati aati” then she said “If you ask whose game I personally liked then I think Pavitra and Nikki ” (as expected, at least she accepted that Nikki is her favorite).
Jasmine and Rubina were discussing that it’s not fair that they are physically weak, Jasmine cried that her skin is getting damaged because she’s not getting her products. They both think that it is too difficult to live in Bigg boss and it looked like torture (in 5 days only). Rubina cried and asked them to not break their spirit.
Sidharth was getting bored with contestants, said ” Yha sab bhai bhen bane hue hai sab tyagi hai. Sabka khoon khaarpan bhar nikalo. Sab fake hain”. Sidharth and Gauhar were discussing how Jasmine and Rubina were complaining, they think Rubina didn’t understand the game.
Bigg Boss asked Hina that does anyone else then Hina and fresher, make decision about daily 7 items. Hina denied that, to which Bigg Boss said “Jasmine and Rubina both are popular faces and they already knew how the game is, then why did they blame Bigg boss for this, it is your platform to show your personality”. Then Bigg Boss gave one more chance to Rubina that soon there will be last chance to get immunity this week for freshers and if Rubina wants to be in main house then she’d have to reject this immunity by not participating in the task. She agreed to that she don’t want immunity but want to be a part of main house.

Then there was fight between Rahul and Pavitra over duties. Pavitra said he doesn’t keep bathroom clean to which he replied that she doesn’t make good food. This fueled her anger and she said “Tere jaise log bhuke marte hain jo khane ki value nhi krte”. Rahul also said “Tu dadagiri mat kr, dada mt ban yha pr” Episode finished!

What to expect tonight?

In promo this fight started over duties continued between Nikki and Pavitra. Later Rubina will be seen standing against three seniors and then there will be that task where they have to bear torture. Here freshers will be seen torturing Nikki and as usual seniors were seen supporting her

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