Bigg Boss 14 Day 6 Written Updates: Sidharth Shukla and Gauhar Khan sort out things, Nishant, Sara and Abhinav makes fun of Eijaz Khan

Bigg Boss 14 seems to pick up pace under Toofani Seniors’ guidance, here are the day 6 written updates from the Bigg Boss house.

Some small fights to grab screen time:

Episode started with a small fight. Nikki said, “Pavitra content ke liye kar rahi hai”. Then Pavitra came and said it must be you who could do this. Nikki also called Jasmine a “double dholki”. Pavitra said “Yeh mera tarika nahin hai”. You do things for content not me and started shouting. Nikki was being a kid where she said “Mujhe jin logon se problem hai aap usse baat kar rahe ho” and stopped Jaan from talking to them. But this is what we do in schools, this was being so childish. Jaan told Nikki that he understands her point of view.
After that Nikki was picking on Shehzad by saying that Jaan should talk slowly in front of him. Then again stop Jaan, ” Tu kyu baat kr rha h unse”. Shehzad said why don’t Jana stop Nikki also he should not encourage her.

Hina, Abhinav and Sidharth were discussing who will sleep where. After that Sidharth again started flirting with Nikki. Sidharth might be doing this in a fun way but Nikki is going with the strategy as she know Sidharth has a huge fan following. She is definitely doing this intentionally.

Sidharth Shukla and Gauhar Khan Sorting things:

Gauahar Khan and Sidharth Shukla

Gauhar asked Sidharth if he was a bully from the start. Honestly we are liking this bond between Gauhar and Sidharth because it looks genuine and real nobody is pretending to be someone. Then Sidharth unintentionally slapped Hina and then Hina started overreacting and pretending like Shehnaaz.

Housemates think Nikki is faking bond with Sidharth Shukla for attention:

Sara and Shehzad were seen talking that how Jaan acts according to Nikki and also said “Woh Sidharth ke pass kudti hai to get his attention” (which is absolutely correct). Even Nikki also said that everyone knows Sidharth favors her and said “Jab Sidharth gaya to yeh sab bhadak jaenge mujh per” which is right as she’s been favored a lot. It’s true that she is giving content but that doesn’t mean that she is less irritating.
Sidharth clarified to Gauhar that he just teases her and does not have any hard feelings for her ,which is a sweet gesture that he did not hold any grudges. Eijaz said “Seniors humein groom kar rahe hain aur bahut sahi kar rahe hain”.

Rubina vs Nikki Tamboli:

Rubina did Nikki’s job but she was so ungrateful and said if you have done it then you should have done it completely. Nikki also told Abhinav to give some brain to his wife on which Rubina said “Dimag ke liye shaadi ka criteria hai to Nikki ko to pata nahin kab dimag milega”.
Again the decision started on 7 items Shehzad said “Jinhone kam liya hai unko preference milni chahie”, and then again it was a time for Nikki vs Shehzad, can somebody please ask Nikki to just shut up.

Rubina’s struggle continues:

Rubina put a point where she said that salwar kameez should be one item and we should keep it in front of our seniors. All the housemaids said that this discussion has already taken place. Rubina read the rules again and said that shoe pair can not take as 1 item then. She was trying to say that if super can considered as one item then why can’t salwar kameez can considered as 1 item. Abhinav said the yes clauses need clarity. Hina for no reason got angry and said that now you all will get only one shoe, I don’t get it why did she behave like this wicked sometimes. Whole house got angry that this discussion was useless. Abhinav tried to explain Rubina, ” I don’t agree with you, you might be wrong or right but sometimes we should just choose to keep quiet, situation ko sambhalna seekh”. The way Abhinav explained, it was so good and he do look quite sensible. Rubina understood and said sorry to housemates and decided that she won’t take any item for the next 7 days. Ejaz was shouting on Rubina as because of her now they are gonna get only one shoe.

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A call for Sidharth Shukla:

Meanwhile a fan got the opportunity to talk to Sidharth and he asked, “Aapke hisab se aisa kaun hai jo aage jakar strong contender ho sakta hai?”. Sidharth said that it is too soon to judge someone and to figure out in just one week. Everyone has come here to win only but there are 2 3 people who are coming out and shining. He didn’t took anybody’s name and did not acted like Hina that firstly she did not took anybody’s name and then she said Nikki and Pavitra.

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Rubina told Sidharth, ” Aapne decision thopa hai”. Sidharth replied that whatsoever we are doing is for your benefit only , we are doing a duty you are doing your duty. But I have a doubt, every housemate was against Nikki then seniors to stand for Nikki and were defending her but when everyone stood against Rubina seniors didn’t even tried to understand her point of view or her perspective the clearly shows their personality at some points.

Task Time:


Then it was time for the task. In today’s task immune contestants abhinav and Nikki will sit on scooper of a bulldozer and remaining housemates except Rubina will try to make them stand or give up. Only 2 contestants can try make them give up at one time. Abhinav told Rubina, “Aap dekhna kaun kya kar raha hai aur Sab Ko observe karna”. Last decision in the task will be of seniors which again will give liberty to seniors to do partiality. Abhinav kept a point on which Sidharth started arguing with him but Abhinav was so right when he said, “Mera game aapse nahin hai Sidharth”. I don’t get it why Sidharth is getting involved so much. Somebody please remind him it’s not his season now and we all know how he used to do his tasks. He said, “Abhinav and Rubina are two ungrateful people”, dude seriously! Nishant and Pavitra were attacking Abhinav and Nikki in the starting. And yet again Sidharth, Hina and Gauhar were standing for Nikki. Nishant tried to put toilet cleaner on Abhinav, what’s wrong with him and Hina said that he is right come on. Jasmine was crying and doing task on Abhinav as he didn’t want to hurt anyone. Rubina ask seniors to help Abhinav a bit or at least put some water on their face on which Hina replied, “Tumhe pata hai mere sath kya kya hua tha”, we know what happened and what you also did but this is not your season anymore so come out of that zone girl come out. At last Nikki got up and Pavitra sat at a place.

What to expect at Weekend Ka Waar:

That was all about Bigg Boss 14 Day 6 written updates. In promo it is shown that how contestants will do task and also it will be first weekend ka waar where Salman will tell few housemates they are like audience also there will be discussion about some past of Eijaz.

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