Bigg Boss 14 written updates Day 9 October 12: Sara Gurpal Evicted, A new group formed in BB house, nomination task and much more

Bigg Boss Season 14 has stepped in its second week, here are the written updates from day 9 October 12 . Know all about eviction, immunity and nomination tasks.

The Never ending arguement:

The show started with same old discussion of 7 items. Sara said she had nothing to wear and she’s asking from others for clothes. All are extra inspired from Salman that today everyone was taking stand on something which was on irrelevant topic and was totally illogical. Nikki was in different planet, she was seen ironing boxers of her ex boyfriend, but if you really miss him that much then why aren’t you with him? Eijaz too was different, it looked like he’s trying to pick fight with Jaan. Seniors discussed that Eijaz’s timing is wrong and the tag of “Yeh apna mazak bana rha hai” was apt on him. Jaan, Nikki and Nishaant were discussing about how Rubina is dominating like a teacher. Rubina said that Nikki is being guided nicely by seniors. Sara shared her views about Jaan to Rubina and Abhinav that, “Yeh lota hai, ek laat maro yha ek laat maro wha chla jata h thali ka baingan jese”. Jasmine too advised Jaan to not only be a side kick which was absolutely right that’s what viewers also thinks.

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Hina gave task to Jasmine that if she wants her 3 items then she’d choose who’ll get item and who’ll not. She chose Nishant and Jaan beside her who’ll get item but later when Gauhar offered her two salami she accepted that and gave away her items.
A lucky fan got chance to talk to Gauhar, she asked her favorite contestant and who will be top 5 according to her. She answered that she has 3 favorite namely Pavitra, Nikki and Eijaz. Also said that it is too soon to talk about top 5 but Pavitra is definitely in one them.

Today Nikki and Rahul were seen sharing a bond, they were flirting and teasing each other, it looks like a different equation is going on.

Bigg Boss 14 Week 2 Nomination Task :

Then it was time for nomination task where there will be a scary crow and every fresher will have to put the picture of the housemate on pot who they want to nominate and break it. Every fresher can nominate 2 contestants but not Nikki as she’s a confirmed contestant. Every one nominated two contestants and at the end nominated contestants were Nishant, Rahul, Shehzad, Jaan, Sara, Eijaz and Abhinav. Seniors were always seen chilling and enjoying their time in Bigg Boss so today Bigg boss thought of putting them in conflict that they would have to choose one among the nominated contestants who will go home right away. Shehzad gave advice to Jaan that he spent most of his time with Nikki and she’s coming out strongly that’s why it looks like you are going according to her, this advice was so applicable.

Shocking Eviction: Sara Gurpal becomes the first Bigg Boss 14 contestant to be eliminated from the house:

Seniors were discussing who should get eliminated, Hina took Rahul’s name, Gauhar chose Nishant whereas Sidharth wanted Sara to leave, he said, “Woh bhot fake hai, usko dekhkar lg rha h ki woh yha picnic manane aayi hai”, Hina disapproved it saying, “We should give benefit of doubt to Sara kyuki woh abhi bhi bimar hai”. Hina and Gauhar sticked to Rahul and Nishant but Sidharth wanted Sara to go. Hina was saying to Gauhar that, “Mera decision mera hai, main bhed chaal mein nhi chalti” and as soon as Sidharth came she kept quiet. Hina and Gauhar said that, “Fine let’s come on conclusion but later on when you’ll disagree then you’ll listen to us” Sidharth agreed to that. So how come this was not a “bhed chaal” when Hina gave up and agreed to his decision.
Finally they got into conclusion and Sidharth convinced them to choose Sara.
Sidharth then was told to announce the name they chose. He firstly said that we came with three names and two of them were Nishant and Rahul, he told them that they have potential but they are not able to take that out nicely so they should really try hard to come out. Then he said that the name we chose also have potential but couldn’t take out their true personality out and it was Sara. Everybody got emotional everyone was crying, Rubina said that this was unfair which was right because she performed really well in all the tasks and there were others less deserving like Jaan. Sara also said that she won’t come back. Hina said, “We should all clap for her spirit uske jazbe k liye” if you really think she was that good then you should have not let her go.
Sidharth was seen explaining Jasmine that this is gonna happen and even more than this will happen. Gauhar advised Nishant and Rahul that, “You guys were almost out now you should really think about it smjho iss bare mein socho”. Eijaz asked who voted for her and got to know it was only Jaan, Eijaz said “Insanity chhodo usko to taras bhi nhi aaya” On the other hand Jaan was feeling bad and burden on his heart that because of him she left.

Bigg Boss 14 finally has some groupism tadka:

If we talk about Bigg Boss and exclude ‘Groupism’ from it, it sounds unfair. Jaan and Rahul were seen discussing their differences and clearing out problems. Nishant came there and said that “We should all need to make a group now, we should not play individually we should come out as a group.” This shows the first group in the house and that too of Nishant, Jaan, Rahul and Nikki. They did a group hug and also hugged out their difference.

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Pavitra and Eijaz are having a different equation, Pavitra apologized to Eijaz for nominating him saying she was jealous that he’s giving clothes to other girls, but when did this kind of bond became between them. Pavitra was openly flirting with Eijaz and just like audience Eijaz was also confused and asked , “Tujhe ho kya gya hai aaj “. Well this looks like a start of new story in the house.

What to expect tonight:

According to the latest promo of Bigg Boss 14 day 10 is going to be super awesome as it is the task day. It is an immunity task so everyone will be seen fighting to save themselves and ensure their longer stay in the Bigg Boss house.

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