Bigg Boss 14 Day 10 Written Updates October 13: Eijaz Khan Distances himself from Pavitra, Immunity task and much more

Bigg Boss 14 Day 10 Written Updates October 13: Hina Khan warns Eijaz Khan about Pavitra’s “Possessive” behavior for him.

Senior Hina Khan tells about Pavitra’s “Possessiveness” to Eijaz Khan:

The show started with Hina saying Eijaz that Pavitra is possessive for him but Eijaz didn’t like that she nominated him and Hina agreed that nominating is definitely a big thing. Eijaz said it clearly that he’s not interested in making connection this soon. In living area Pavitra said, “Ab jung ka eilan ho gya hai” to Eijaz and he also said that they are not even gonna hug each other now. Pavitra shared her feelings with Rubina, “Maine unn tak phochne ki bhot koshish ki but unhone nhi ki, mujhe lga tha woh (Eijaz) mujhe samjhenge”.

Housemates discussed about 7 items on which for the first time they all agreed easily. Hina shared her view, “They all are idiots ki unko Jasmine ko dena hi nhi chahiye but ab main inko feed nhi karungi” about how everyone easily agreed on giving items to Jasmine.
Nikki was upset with Jaan and Nishant that they easily gave up on their items. Nikki also called Jaan “double dholki” and “dogla” which pissed off Jaan and he discussed it with Nishant that if you give advice then it’s upto us whether to take it or not but if you force it on us that means it is dictatorship. Later Jaan and Nikki cleared their problem where Jaan said not to taunt him in front of everyone. Pavitra told Abhinav and Shehzad that they all need to have a pact and pact works on trust and faith.

Immunity task of Bigg Boss 14 Week 2:

Yesterday’s nomination got cancelled and today’s task “Mere angne mein tumhara kya kaam hai” will be a chance to get immunity. There will be two teams, Team A are Rubina, Abhinav, Jasmine, Jaan and Shehzad. Team B will have Pavitra, Eijaz, Nishant and Rahul. Nikki will be the ‘sanchalak’. Teams will have their own farm places where they’ll do farming. For farming they’ll need soil, grasses and flowers from respective shops of seniors. They will have to convince shopkeepers to get their items. At one time only two farmers can do farming. Both the teams started making strategies. And Nikki looks like she’s gonna support team B.
Task got started and first shop got opened was of Gauhar that was of soil. Eijaz came as farmer to ask soil and from team A Jasmine and Abhinav came. Both the teams tried to convince Gauhar, Eijaz gave perfume bottle to her and took soil and Jasmine Abhinav were told to reverse role and dance together and they too got soil. Abhinav stole soil from Pavitra. Nikki was seen saying do anything in the task, what kind of ‘sanchaalak’ she is. Jasmine got soil but Eijaz tried to snatch it but Jasmine did a fabulous job that she didn’t leave it, few more boys got in it and tried to snatch it but couldn’t get it, here Jasmine said an amazing dialogue to Eijaz, ” Tu Khan to main bhi Bhasin” . Jasmine was too good here. BiggBoss intervene saying, ” Yeh kaarya farm ka hai, kushti ka nhi”.

Meanwhile a fan got a chance to ask a question from Hina,  “BB 11 k baad aap badi celeb ban gyi ho or BB 14 mein senior ki trh aana kesa lg rha hai”. She answered, “Celeb jesa to kuch nhi hai, mere liye Bigg boss 14 mein aana ek opportunity thi, main bhot lucky or bhot honoured hu yha senior ki trh aakr. Hope you all are liking it. Scene palat rha h or aage or bhi paltega”.
Jasmine said that she and Jaan will protect. Pavitra was continuously seen sayin that they should not cross limit to her team. Jasmine called Nikki partial that she didn’t stop opposite team just the way she stopped them. Task again got started. Shehzad took from Pavitra. Gauhar told Abhinav to be in Rubina’s outfit. Rahul in his attempt to steal from Jasmine pulled her, here Pavitra being nice shouted on him to stop him from doing this. Rubina was asked to do joker make up and she did it happily. Then Bigg boss announced that now Sidharth can also open his shop. Meanwhile there was a clash between Rahul and Abhinav. They both kind of pushed each other.
Then Pavitra suggested that firstly we should set soil and make our farm then later we’ll try to steal, both the teams agreed to that. Rubina was being very cute here, just like a small kid she was asking one by one from Sidharth.

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Eijaz again tried to steal but Nishant and Pavitra stopped him. Jaan was asked to clean shave and he did it. Rubina tried to steal but even here she acted so cute. Nikki was trying to help team B but Jaan asked her to stop being partial. Rubina was shouting ” Aakraman aakraman” honestly today whatever she did she was entertaining a lot, it was fun to watch her like this. Sidharth told Jaan that he want give any more grass, he have to steal it from opposite team. Jaan did tried and while snatching he accidentally pushed Pavitra, here her teammates and Nikki were like, ” Ladki ko dhakka mara” but why didn’t they said anything when they were jumping on Jasmine. Eijaz came from side to steal which was against rule but Nikki didn’t say anything. 2 were there to defend from team B which was against rule but here also Nikki didn’t say anything. She was clearly so unfair and partial. Today’s time got over for task.

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After the task Jaan asked Nikki to come on a date but Nikki said no calling him her brother. Nikki and her group were sitting where Nishant was teasing Jaan ” Tu to bhai hai bhai hai” Nikki said that Jaan doesn’t have any chance. Jaan said he like Nikki from day 1 and has feelings for her. After a moment in some discussion Nishant said, ” Jaan ka dimag Nikki se chhota hai” But in the morning while having a discussion with Jaan, Nishant said that Nikki is immature, but here he completely disagreed to that which made Jaan upset.

What to expect tonight:

In promo it was shown that task will continue and Jasmine will be seen crying because of partial behavior of Nikki. Nishant and Shehzad will also have a heated argument. And again housemates turned farmers will try to impress shopkeepers.

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