Bigg Boss 14 Written Updates October 15: Sidharth’s emotional moments, Jaan Kumar Sanu Proposes Nikki, BB Mall Task and much more

Bigg Boss 14 Day 12 Written Updates October 15: It was really enthusiastic episode with events BB Mall task and Jaan proposing Nikki. Also we saw a rare moment of Sidharth Shukla getting emotional.

Bigg Boss 14 October 15 Episode:

Episode started when Nishant and Nikki were talking about Jaan. Jaan said that team B’s coordination was good. Shahzad told Jaan about Nikki that she was your friend as well but she didn’t supported you was her hatred for me and Abhinav was more than your friendship. Jaan told Nikki that you don’t consider me as your friend.

Bigg Boss 14 written update day 12: Sidharth Shukla remembers his late father
Nikki while talking to Jaan said that Jasmine was trying to gain sympathy she was not doing anything. Nikki said that she was not biased but Jaan denied saying that you were very much biased. Nikki said that only strength matters to have nothing else. But it didn’t look like she was there or she was just supporting the one who had good strength. Nikki said that she is confirm so she won’t do anything. Sidharth was seen talking about his father as it was his birthday next day. He got a bit emotional and said that those people are lucky to have both parents with them, which was true indeed. Jasmine said that she won’t react on abuses just the way she did. Rubina, Abhinav and Jasmine were discussing how Nikki denied doing work they also said that if she would not to do her duty then we too will also not prepare food.
All the seniors Hina, Sidharth and Gauhar were discussing about Nikki’s behavior. Hina said that she didn’t like the way Nikki said, “Tum sab dikho”. They said that probably she is good by heart but sometimes in the game she lose her calm, but audience honestly have not seen her good heart yet only her annoying and arrogant side has come up in the episodes.

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Pavitra was seen hugging the dummy in the BB mall. In the morning Sidharth while talking to Pavithra said, “2010 wali Pavitra hoti to abhi tak sab ki band baja deti. Ab itni change kyu ho gayi. Woh personality strikeout karti thi use personality ko bahar nikal”. Rubina asked Nikki to chopped vegetables but she denied saying that she will do only if seniors will ask her to do. Siddharth and Hina were discussing this when Sidharth said that she can opt out, to which Hina replied that she can but this will make her wrong. Nikki said that I have got this privilege then I will use it whereas Rahul tried to explain her that don’t mix responsibility and privilege. Because Rubina asked Nikki that if she is not doing her duty then she should give or allot her duty to someone else to which Nikki give this duty to Rubina saying I just have to allot to someone so I give this to you. Abhinav in defense of of Rubina set that we are already doing two jobs. Kina tried to explain Nikki but she didn’t understand and said that, “if I had the privilege why should I do the job” also ” I am not nominated this week if I will get nominated next week then I will do the duty” , but this is not how it’s done in the Bigg Boss house every contestant should do duty whether he or she is nominated or not. Hina told Nikki that you are a confirmed contestant but not a senior and if you will behave like this then probably next week somebody else will try to skip their duty. But Nikki didn’t understand what he now was trying to say and again started the same ranting that nobody is visible nobody is visible.
Siddharth was trying to explain Rubina about the duties that it’s totally up to them whether they do their duty or make somebody else do it but the main thing is the job should be done. John told Abhinav that, “You guys are cooking then why don’t you chop vegetables”, Abhinav replied that Jaan should not give his remote to somebody else and also so that they are already doing their duty so don’t give them extra job to do.

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BB Mall Task:

Now it was time for the task. Bigg Boss give a task for all the freshers to win back their personal stuff. The task was that there are 4 pipes in the garden area from which balls will come down and they have to collect balls in their respective baskets. Two freshers will compete at one time. And the one with maximum balls in the basket will win and get all their personal stuff. Before the task got started, Jasmine started crying that what if her stuff went back. Siddharth was trying to motivate her saying that , “You can do it just the way you did in the last task don’t be a loser”.
First round was between Rubina and Pavitra. Firstly both of them collected balls in their baskets and after few minutes Pavitra turned Rubina’s basket so that all the balls can fall down. Rubina kept her basket aside and then tried to attack on Pavitra’s basket. Both had a healthy competition where both were trying to attack rather than just depending their balls. At last somehow Pavitra tore her basket and won this competition with maximum balls in her basket and got all her stuff back.

Next round was between Eijaz and Rahul. Before the buzzer Eijaz asked the seniors that he will keep his ball in another polybag and then before the last buzzer he will keep his balls in the basket whether it’s allowed or not. Siddharth said it is not wrong whereas Hina and Gauhar opposed it, but later on after reading the rules they agreed to it. Task started between Eijaz and Rahul, and within few minutes somehow ripped off Rahul’s basket. And then just to kill the time he started moving around pool. Because of frustration Rahul was saying many wrong things to Eijaz, he called him ‘chacha’ and was continuously talking about his age, “Chacha aap apni umar ka lihaj rakho, tera competition to ladki k saath hona chahiye tha” and kept on repeating this. At last Eijaz succeeded and won all his stuff back. After winning the stuff the first thing I just took out of his bag was a frame and showed it to your seniors also told them about his past life that how a girls told his favorite dogs and torture them.


Nikki was talking to Jaan where she asked him whether he like her as a friend. Jaan replied to that, “Like kya hota hai main tujhse pyaar karta Hun” and also said that she listen to everyone except him.
Next round was between Nishant and Shahzad. Soon after collecting the balls both tried to to make a strategy where Shahzad put dumbbell in his basket and put it in the pool with a rope outside and on the other hand Nishant chose to climb on the tree but Bigg Boss did not allow him to do that. And again just like Eijaz and Rahul, Shehzad and Nishant also move around the pool and had verbal fight just to kill the time. This way of doing toss was not at all interesting to watch. Rubina also said that she and Pavitra played it gracefully which was absolutely right. After the buzzer it was announced that Nishanth won the task and got all his stuff back.
Later all the three seniors were seen having fun where firstly Sidharth and Hina throw her in the pool and after that Sidharth pushed Hina in the pool and them himself went in.

What to expect tonight:

In promo it was shown that Nikki and Jasmine both gave a strong fight to each other where Jasmine told Nikki that she won’t get onto her level. Also there was a rift between the seniors where Siddharth was seeing that Nikki is the winner where as Hina and Gauhar saying Jasmine won the task.

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