Bigg Boss 14 Written Updates October 16: Rubina engages in a clash with Sidharth Shukla, Abhinav advices her to avoid fights with Sidharth as he is the wall

Bigg Boss 14 Written Updates October 16: Sidharth Shukla has some heated conversation with Hina and Gauhar Khan, and later Rubina provoked him. Rubina’s husband Abhinav Shukla advices her to avoid messing up with Sidharth Shukla.

Bigg Boss 14 Day 13 Updates and Review:

The show started where they were discussing that everyone should keep the washroom clean. Later on while Rahul and Nikki were having a discussion that they can sit with people only if there Vibe and energy matches. Nikki said that this difference between thought process of her and Jaan Jasmine while talking to Abhinav and Rubina said that they will also not do duties for the next week as after doing lots of work there is no appreciation and no courtesy. Nikki was teasing Jaan by calling him bhai. It looks like she’s trying to take out this topic to raise this topic again and again. Nikki told him to learn a song called “hastey hastey” so that she will not call him her brother anymore and we’ll take him as a friend. It is very much clear that Nikki is using John the way she wants.

Nikki plays her own game, doesn’t want anyone to teach her:

Gauhar came to Nikki and told her that if you how denied doing a job then at least you should make that work done. Nikki again said the same thing that she won’t do a duty as she has got some privilege and if she is wrong Bigg Boss will correct her to which Hina said that Bigg Boss does not say or stop for every single thing. Abhinav was also so saying Nikki to do her job and Nikki replied, “Yahan per couple couple mat khelo”.
Nikki told Jaan and Nishant that still they are discussing about her duty. Jaan said that he did not get it why everyone is behind her only. Nishanth replied that it is because everyone is jealous of her. They were also talking about Rubina and Abhinav and called them weird couple. Jasmine once again tried to explain Jaan that it looks like Nikki has your remote control. Hina also said that it is not wrong supporting friends but that doesn’t mean you should lose your own individuality.

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The BB Mall task continues:

Then the task was started between Abhinav and Jaan. It didn’t extended too long as they were also roaming around pool only and after a buzzer Abhinav declared as winner cause he has maximum balls.
Latest The task was between Jasmine and Nikki where Bigg Boss said that although Nikki is already a confirmed contestant that’s why she had all her stuff but here while playing she can show her personality. Soon after the buzzer both the girls collected balls in there in their basket and after collecting balls if both try to attack on each others basket. Here Hina was encouraging and supporting Jasmine and when Sidharth stopped her she said that yes I am openly supporting her. Both girls tried to snatch the basket and while doing this they both ripped the whole basket. Hina and Gauhar what trying to tell Jasmine through actions how to do it. During the task Pavitra asked Gauhar to stop saying which made her a little upset and she said that nobody can stop her from saying or doing anything. Both the girls also tried verbal fight but both the girls were in Lok position that they couldn’t actually snatch the basket parts. After a moment Jasmin suddenly with full force snacks to the basket and got it in her hand. And Nikki again started abusing.

The task got over and now it was the turn of sanchalak to announce the winner. At the end of the task Nikki just had a photo in a very very small part of basket in her hand where is Jasmine had all the parts and balls in the baskets. Sidharth wanted to call it a draw where is Gauhar said that Jasmine had basket and the balls. Hina said that she had also seen that there were balls in Jasmine’s basket. Both Hina and Sidharth started screaming. Sidharth said that the sanchalak should be neutral then why did he not told Nikki that she was unfair and biased in the farmland task. Both seniors had difference of opinion. Sidharth put his Point by saying that yes there was bol in the basket but how do we know whose basket was that. He also said that he didn’t want to take a wrong decision. Even after a lots of description the seniors could not come to a conclusion then Sidharth said that you guys can take a decision and I will go with it but I will stick to my point. Then Sidharth asked Hina and Gauhar that, “Who do you want to win” both said Jasmine and he said, “Cool I will also go with it”. Then after this big discussion Bigg Boss announce that Jasmine won the task.

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Rubina passed a provoking comment on Sidharth:

Rubina while hugging Jasmine said that women power won. This made the Sidharth more angry. He said there is nothing like women power here. Gauhar in Hina tried to explain Sidharth that you are mistaken as she meant it for Nikki and Jasmine that both women played well. Here also Pavitra was coming in between for no reason that there is nothing like women power here but he now made her understand that what Rubina meant and then Pavitra apologize that she misunderstood.
Nishant told Nikki that everybody saw everything. Nikki said that now she no who is favoring whom, she said that that is why I always did like this Sidharth, so here she agreed that at a point she too thought that all the seniors were favoring her. Nishant was talking to Hina there he said that Sidharth was right but Hina said that there were points where they also didn’t agree with Sidharth and made Nishant understand that Sidharth just misunderstood Rubina. Nishant was later seen provoking Sidharth against Rubina saying that she heard when you said what women power.
Even after a big disagreement Hina came can start with Sidharth just like nothing happened. Because of these reasons as viewer it looks like Hina pretends to be very close to Sidharth. Rahul was mimicking Rubina and making fun of her and Nishant and Jaan were saying that Abhinav and Rubina talk about all the irrelevant and illogical topics.

Style Icon Task:

Later there was a task for the style icon by Tresemme. Here are all the 4 fresher girls will have to dress up like the particular character where the four boys Shehzad, Eijaz, Jaan and Rahul will give a title to each. The titles were miss Drama Queen, miss Nautanki, miss confused and miss perfect Khiladi. Rahul gave miss confused title to Rubina which she disagreed and meet her point why she is not confused. Eijaz gave the title of miss perfect Khiladi to Pavitra. Jaan called Nikki miss Drama Queen and when Nikki was doing her act it looks like she was copying someone else (remember shehnaaz’s task for best hair in season 13). Jasmine got the title of Miss Nautanki from Shehzad. After the ramp walk of all the fresher Girls Senior decided that Pavitra should win the title of the style icon.
The next morning again there was a discussion over the house duties where Gauhar said that chopping should also be a part of cooking department only. Abhinav and Rubina raised question against it.

What to expect tonight:

In the promo it was showed that the house was discussing about the duties where it looks like the house was against Abhinav and Rubina where they said that chopping should not be a part of cooking.


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