Bigg Boss 14 “Weekend Ka Vaar” Written Updates October 18: Salman Khan takes class of the contestants, Rubina refuses to be a part of episode. Check out full story

Bigg Boss Weekend Ka Vaar Written Updates October 18: Abhinav Shukla, Shehzad Deol and Jaan Kumar Sanu in bottom 3. Read full episodes highlights here.

Bigg Boss 14 Weekend Ka Vaar:

The episode started with Salman Khan’s entry on the stage on ‘Heeriye’. All the contestants were dressed up well to look best and were excited to welcome their host Salman Khan.

Rubina denies to be a part of Weekend Ka Vaar:

The Weekend Ka Vaar started with a contradictory mood where Rubina was seen arguing over not being a part of the episode because she doesn’t have clothes to wear. All the other housemates seemed to disagree with her, but she doesn’t seem to be in mood to listen to anyone. Salman Khan soon entered the house and started taking class of Rubina. He started with interrogating about her past where she revealed that she is from science stream. Salman Khan the explained her the importance of rules in the house. He also talked about the task related to ‘Kachra’ in contestant’s mind, and said that Rubina comprehended it in a wrong way and it was not acceptable. Rubina continues to argue with Salman Khan and he put her in a tough spot.

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The Katghara Task:

As this is a common task which we are seeing since last few seasons in which a contestant is made to stand in Katghara and is fired some questions on. When Eijaz Khan entered the Katghara, Jasmin Bhasin accused Eijaz Khan of being intimidating. Eijaz in his defense said that it was his psychological game to win the task.

Salman Khan talks about #TamboRa:

Bigg Boss 14 host Salman Khan then shifts the topic to #TamboRa, he meant to say Nikki Tamboli and Rahul Vaidya. Nikki looses it again on last night’s task about the confirmed contestants. Salman Khan then turns to Jaan Kumar and questions his behavior for Nikki Tamboli. Salman Khan happened to be impressed by Nikki Tamboli and Jasmin Bhasin’s performance. he complimented both their game and told them that audience is liking them. He also praises Rahul Vaidya for his game and tells that he is going in the right direction.

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Bottom 3 of the week:

Towards the end of the episode Salman Khan announces the bottom 3 contestants according to audience’s voting. The bottom 3 of second week of Bigg Boss 14 are Abhinav Shukla, Shehzad Deol and Jaan Kumar Sanu. With this he wrapped up today’s episode.

What to expect on Monday Episode?

As Salman Khan announced the bottom 3 contestants he leaves it up to the freshers to decide who should be eliminated of the bottom 3. According to the sources it may be a no elimination week, but let’s see what happens tomorrow.

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