Bigg Boss 14 Written Updates October 17: No Salman Khan on Weekend Ka Vaar, Jaan Kumar Sanu and Rahul Vaidya’s concert, Nikki Hugs Jaan and much more

Bigg Boss 14 Written Updates October 17: No Weekend Ka Vaar with Salman Khan this Saturday. Also read about how Jaan Kumar Sanu finally gets a hug from Nikki.

Weekend Ka Vaar episode without Salman Khan?

We didn’t see any promo of Weekend Ka Vaar last night, and the entire day on social media handles of Colors TV. This gave us the idea that maybe we will see Salman Khan in Sunday and Monday episodes. So, the Saturday episode started with the same point where it ended last night. The day started with the song ‘Tattad Tattad’ and then began the issue. The debate between Rubina and Nikki over the kitchen duties turned up to be a heated conversation in no time.

Sidharth Shukla backs up Nikki Tamboli:

Since the season’s first week Sidharth Shukla is seen having a soft corner for Nikki Tamboli. We can see him biased towards her too at many points in the show. Not only this but Sidharth has a conflict with Rubina the other day too over the ‘woman card’ thing. So it was piled up hence Sidharth too jumped into the conversation and backed Nikki. Sidharth kept his point that the cutting and chopping task are also considered under cooking duty and it is logical too. Rubina defends herself as she doesn’t want to take the whole responsibility on herself to cut, chop and cook for 13 housemates. Later other contestants were also seen hopping in the conversation for some camera attention.

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Rahul Vaidya vs Pavitra Punia:

The viewers just sustained the first intense conversation and the second of the day was lined up already. This time it was Rahul Vaidya vs Pavitra Punia. Pavitra and Jaan Kumar Sanu were having some conversation which was interrupted by Rahul Vaidya. On this behavior of Rahul Pavitra lost it and it sparked the argument between both. Rahul asks Pavitra not to act like a villain and the later tells Rahul not to poke his nose in other’s conversation.

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Jaan Kumar Sanu and Rahul Vaidya’s concert in the Bigg Boss house:

To lighten the heated environment of the house a concert was organized. The two talented singers of the house, Jaan Kumar and Rahul Vaidya were performers at the concert. All the other contestants enjoyed the lovely concert as an audience. The musical environment made everyone forget about the differences that happened in the house. Everyone was seen enjoying each other’s company and the musical performance. At the end of the concert one person was supposed to be chosen a winner. Nikki Tamboli seemed to be impressed by Jaan Kumar Sanu’s performance and the lucky boy finally got a hug from Nikki.

Nikki Tamboli: Confirmand or Unconfirmed?

Bigg Boss soon dropped a big question for the housemates in which Nikki’s status of confirmed status was questioned. All the housemates were supposed to answer that does Nikki deserve to be the confirmed fresher or not? Nishant Singh and Jaan Kumar Sanu took no time and disagreed with Nikki being a confirmed member. It was shocking to see Jaan Kumar going against Nikki, because he was seen making this bond with Nikki for the whole week. The equations in the Bigg Boss house changes so quickly, well it was an eye opener for Nikki too. Jaan Kumar justified his answer by saying that Nikki has become egoistic after she got confirmed and is not behaving well.

This made Nikki Really upset and she was seen arguing with Nishant whom she though was a friend of her. She thinks that Nishant has taken an illogical stand against her just to be in good books of other housemates.

So this was all about today’s episode, tomorrow will be the Weekend Ka Vaar with Salman Khan. So let’s wait and watch that who is going to be the target of Salman Khan this weekend.

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