Bigg Boss 14 Written Updates October 17: Who is going to make it to Bigg Boss finals? Here is what the seniors think who is the strongest contestant

Bigg Boss 14 Written Updates October 17: Salman Khan didn’t show up on the weekend episode, but it was a intense day at Bigg Boss. It is just the second week and people are already discussing the name of finalists. Check out here:

A heated argument on duties:


The episode started with started with the discussion over the chopping discussion, if it is a cooking duty or not? Gauhar said that chopping includes in cooking only. Gauhar said that Rahul is already doing bathroom duty so he should not do this. Rubina said that everyone should do equal duties. Gauhar said that chopping is just an extra help which she provided. Later there was an small argument between Rubina and Sidharth where Rubina called Sidharth and reasonable. Pavitra from nowhere came and hopped in between saying that if somebody has any problem with their duty than just let them not do it. Rubina said that now today is the last day of doing the duty so I will do chopping and cooking together.


Nikki and Jaan were talking about Abhinav and Rubina and they were talking nonsense about them. John said that he wants to put toilet brush on Abhinav, Nikki said that I want to spit on Rubina.

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Jasmine and Shehzad were discussing about Nikki where Jasmine said that he started hating her and just waiting for her to do do a mistake. Pavitra and Rahul get into an argument for a baseless topic, it started when Pavitra said that the gas should always be clean and while she was talking to Jaan, Rahul was also talking in between. They both started screaming on on each other. Nishant tried to stop Rahul. Later when Nishant, Rahul and Jaan were discussing about housemates they gave code name to everyone. Pavitra’s codename was om. Nikki told Ejaz that in my group I am the youngest but smartest from all, by her group she meant Rahul, Nishant, Jaan and herself. Nishant said that Nikki stood with us or took our side because she wanted votes and that was a calculated move. Nishant also said that Jaan looks like he is just moving on roaming around Nikki.

Luxury Budget Task:

Then it was time was time for the luxury budget task where both Rahul and Jaan will sing for the housemates and will try to grab their attention. And at the last buzzer one with maximum audience will win and he can share the luxury budget item with any four contestants. Both of them got guitar and a list of song. They both were singing beautifully and all the songs they chose were amazing. Gauhar and Eijaz danced together. Jaan Sang “Tumse Mile Dil Mein Utha Dard Karara” for Sidharth. Jaan dedicated “Tujhe Dekha To yah Jana Sanam” to Nikki. At last Jaan won with maximum audience. He got the luxury budget items and shared it with Nikki, Nishant, Eijaz and Shehzad. Abhinav, Rubina and Jasmine complimented Jaan that he has a bright future.

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A question mark on Nikki as confirmed contestant!

Bigg Boss announce that this was the last age for TBC. Freshers got the chance to make mutual decision that does Nikki deserve to be a confirm contestant or not. Nikki said that if you all want we can have individual talk and I can apologize for my mistakes but it seems like she is opportunist. Rahul said that she deserves to be a confirm contestant. When it was Jaan’s turn he said that after reaching on any status one should never lose his or her roots and values. He wants Nikki to be her real self. He felt that she has proud but still he wants her to be a confirmed contestant. Surprisingly Nishant also took out negative points of Nikki by saying that she should never degrade people. Nikki said that why didn’t you tell me all these things before. Nishant said that she should change her attitude but still deserve to be a confirm contestant. Nikki told Rubina that she knew that she did mistakes and yes she was wrong to which Rubina said that you are very opportunistic and according to her Nikki does not deserve to be a confirm contestant. On Abhinav’s turn he told Nikki that if you would have give up in that task you would have become big she said “Why should I give up if I want something I want it.” Jasmine on her turn said that Nikki changes her personality according to situations. She got the right she could have used them beautifully but she showed her real side true personality. She also think that Nikki do cheap stunts for attention. Nikki called Jasmine foolish and also said that what ever I do I make you people bow down. Shehzad said that she is saying sorry just to say it she didn’t mean it at all. Just like Jasmine he too didn’t think that she deserves to be an confirm contestant. Pavitra said she deserves a chance so she should get this opportunity and deserve to be confirm contestant also Ejaz had same view. The housemates couldn’t come on a mutual decision. Rubina said that if Nikki has potential then she can win this again in future. She also called some people in the house ‘double Dholki’ or two faces as if they think Nikki is wrong then still why did the support her. Rubina said that they are just trying to show their personality that they can take stand but still they want to support wrong. Rubina told Jaan that if you are saying it today why didn’t you say it before. Hina and Gauhar were very impressed by Rubina and said that they see a Bigg Boss winner in her. Nikki apologize to Abhinav and Rubina and said that you guys were right and you were trying to make me understand things but Abhinav and Rubina were not ready to agree with other contestants. All couldn’t come to a conclusion so Bigg Boss said that Nikki is still a confirm contestant. Hina hugged Rubina and said that she is proud of her. Nikki told Nishant that she agree with Rubina that yes she did lose humanity at some point. Hina said that she see a huge difference in Nikki after she became a confirm contestant. Hina and Gauhar said that they are disappointed by few people. Nikki was upset with her friends because her friends didn’t stop her from going on a wrong path. Jaan said that everyone in the house tell me about your behavior towards me but still I stand with you. He said that I always try to make you feel special but you should also reciprocate at sometimes. Both of them had some disagreement in their conversation.

What to expect tonight?

As per the sources and the promo, Weekend Ka Vaar was shot a day later, so it will now be telecasted on Sunday and Monday. In promo it was shown that Bigg Boss asked contestant do the task where they have to choose whose mind has more garbage between Rubina and Nikki. Rubina did not agree to do this task as she felt it was insulting she also complaint about it to Salman. Let’s see what Salman will say to her.

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