Bigg Boss 14 Written Updates October 21: Shocking announcement for housemates, Emotions all over the house and enmity turns into friendship

Bigg Boss 14 Written Updates October 21: The winner of the ‘Game Over’ task to be announced and its an emotional day as a seniors leaves the house with his team.

Bigg boss 14 Written updates:

The episode started with the same discussion of seniors that who was right and who was wrong. Sidharth was keeping his point that there were two teams who did cheating. Gauhar and Hina were stuck to their point that team Sidharth cheated intentionally. All the three seniors were seen arguing to prove their points right. Bigg Boss asked seniors that if they can’t come to a conclusion with mutual decision then they would have to do voting and whosoever get maximum votes will leave the show with their team. Sidharth objected that if you had to do it by majority then why did you call me and not only just asked both the girls to come and make decisions. When Bigg Boss again asked seniors to give their decision, Gauhar and Hina took name of Sidharth’s team as loosing ones, and when Sidharth was asked he said two teams broke rules and his team actually won this so he took name of team Gauhar. Bigg Boss asked seniors to wait in living area. In living area Gauhar told her team members Jaan and Rahul that she really tried and fought for you and not to loose hopes. Nikki started crying probably because she thought she too will go with Sidharth. Sidharth told his team not to cry as they did an amazing job. Bigg Boss announced that two teams broke rules but with majority of votes team Sidharth loose this task and will have to leave the show but Nikki was already confirmed that’s why she’ll stay and Shehzad will also join them. Sidharth said, ” Well deserve to loose, you guys were running the show and only ones who played this game for two weeks ” to his team. All started crying and got emotional that they were going. Pavitra didn’t want to hug anybody. After biding goodbye to everyone Sidharth with Eijaz, Pavitra and Shehzad left the main house. Hina and Gauhar were trying to console everyone that this will happen every week, some one will get eliminated every week.
Gauhar demonstrated what they saw in clips that how they came to conclusion that team Sidharth cheated. They were talking and discussing what happened in confession room. Nishant was saying that they actually won without doing cheating. Nikki was listening all this and said that, “I was the one who taught them to speak. Inko to dimag bhi maine diya hai bolna bhi maine sikhaya hai. Ab kya bol rahe hain Itna pahle to muh bhi nahi khulta tha. ” After a while Bigg Boss announced announced that now Hina and Gauhar will also leave the house. All the housemates got emotional hearing this. Everyone told them that they were a big support to them. What a great actress Nikki is, she touched the feet of Hina the feet of Hina feet of Hina and Gauhar. This was something that was unexpected as Nikki is not like this. Hina and Gauhar also left the house. Later on Nikki went to Jasmine Jasmine and apologised to her that she is sorry for whatsoever she did or said. Jasmine hadara and set and set if you really mean it then it’s ok. She also said that it needs guts to accept their mistake and this has made Nikki big.
After a while there was a siren and red light in the light in the in the house. Everyone got confused what is happening. Some people in PPE kit came inside the house. And introduced a different and new part of the house. That part was red zone, also brought two blindfolded people there. They were Eijaz and Pavitra. They both will leave in red zone, and from now on everyone should try to escape themselves from that zone because anyone from red zone will get eliminated every week. Jaan and Nikki were most excited to meet Eijaz and Pavitra. But Pavitra was in completely understand mode this time, she said if you guys cried on our exit then why did you guys were targeting us, she forgot this was game and one will have to loose and leave every week. She showed her anger to Jaan. He discussed it with Nishant and Rahul, to which Nishant replied that you should tell her that she too was targeting you in task, so it’s just a game it’s not right to get personal in tasks. Rahul said that Pavitra had to react every time. Jasmine while discussing with Rubina and Abhinav rightly said that Nikki just apologized as she thought after Pavitra she’ll become week and as soon as she came back Nikki’s energy got changed. Nikki like a gossip girl told everything to Pavitra what her friends Nishant and Rahul were talking, that shows she’s not true to her friends.
Now it was time for 1st captaincy task of the season called, ” Jaan bachi to laakhon paaye”. In this task the house turned in fire station where contestants will have to rescue dolls of contestants on siren but they can’t rescue their own dolls and one who came last from doll house will be out of the race of captaincy. Eijaz and Pavitra will be sanchaalak of the task. Nikki was telling her friends to save her any how. She was even asking Pavitra and Eijaz that they can say anything or take any decision as they are sanchaalak. She was directly asking them to be biased. Everyone was trying to make their strategy but four friends Nikki, Jaan, Nishant and Rahul were not clear in their mind who they are with as they were at one point showing that they are ok with any of their friends become captain and on another minute they were saying that they don’t want Nikki to become captain.
Task got started with first buzzer and they all stood near doll house and on second buzzer went in doll house and came out with one doll each. Eijaz said Rubina came last who has doll of Abhinav whereas Pavitra said Abhinav came out last with doll of Jasmine. Both of them stuck to their points and disagreed to giving up. The argument between both the Sanchalak increased a lot where they even included past actions of each other whether it was nominating each other or apologizing or even getting jealous. This argument didn’t end.
Even in promo this argument continued where they both were shouting on each other. Also there will be rift between Nikki and her friends.


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