Bigg Boss 14 Written updates October 22: Pavitra Punia vs Eijaz Khan Big Fight, Nomination task creates rift in strong bonds, Jaan and Nishant against Nikki

Bigg Boss 14 Written Updates October 22: The Week started at a very high excitement level and it goes on increasing daily. So much happened at the house this week.

Eijaz Khan vs Pavitra Punia

The episode started with same argument between Eijaz and Pavitra. They both were screaming a lot and then started bringing all those past things like ‘why did you nominated me’ or ‘why did you apologize me’ and all those things. While having the discussion Eijaz brings so many technical terms and give examples from cricket Olympic and football. Both the ‘sanchalak’ were not ready to give up and were stuck to their points. Even Abhinav came and said that I admit that I was last but Eijaz denied to agree that. This argument went quite long which bored the audience they even started saying things like ‘don’t come close to me’ or ‘don’t touch me’. That group of four friends also looked quite confused, it was very hard to say who is in whose favor. Jaan told Nishanth, “Apan apna dekhte hai, Nikki ka woh log dekh lenge or aise krke hum good books mein hi rahenge.” Bigg Boss asked the decision from both sanchalak but none of them was ready to give up. So Bigg boss disqualified both Jasmine and Abhinav because sanchalak couldn’t come to a conclusion. This decision was very unfair and Jasmine rightly said, “Galti inn dono ki hai to humko saza kyu mil rhi hai”.

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Nikki Tamboli’s self realisation:

The game proceed and group of four friends decided that they will pick each others doll and as Rubina can’t pick her own doll and she will be out. In the second round Rubina was left with her own doll which she can’t pick actually so sanchalak thought as Rahul was second last so he should be disqualified. Rahul disagreed to that. Nikki was saying Pavitra that do anything but save me. She looked so selfish that she just thought of herself. Eijaz told Nikki that I will take decision to which Nikki confessed that, “Main gadhi thi jo mene inko bachaya, farmland wale task m saath diya, yeh dost kis kaam k”.
After making a decision Pavithra said but Rahul has a point and last doll was video of Rubina so it should be disqualified. Meanwhile the group of 4 friends as in Nikki, Jaan, Nishant and Rahul discussed that all of them wants to to become the captain. They were trying to make a decision that who among the four can become the captain. Meanwhile sanchalak changed their decision saying Rubina was out to which Rubina opposed and asked them to read rules. Nikki told Pavitra that what is the use of her winning when her friends are not supporting her. It is very much clear that Nikki becomes so helpless when she don’t have anyone to support her. Nikki got angry on this and told Rubina, “you are in, I am out. I want to be fair. And at least you have real friends unlike mine fake friends”. Rahul Nishant and Jaan didn’t like this statement that how can she call them fake friends. Nishan and Jaan very much disappointed by Nikki. Jaan shouted that I trusted her so much how can she say that I am fake. Nishant also told Nikki that Jaan was the one who always stood for you, who always stood by you. One thing which quite surprised the audience that when Abhinav came and asked the sanchalak that he is out sanchalak didn’t agree but when Nikki said that she is out they didn’t opposed it. Jaan was very upset by Nikki’s behavior and said he didn’t want to become the captain and asked others to take him out. In the third round both Rubina and Rahul didn’t come out of the dollhouse as they had each others doll. Meanwhile Jasmine was so sweet when she asked the Jaan that your friendship was true and you should definitely give it one more chance and have she will come to you and apologize. Whereas on the other hand Pavithra was trying to manipulate Nikki that now she should play for herself only.

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The Nikki-Jaan-Nishant trio breaks:

Nikki started her same ranting, “Yeh koi dikh hi nhi rha hai, ab drama kyu kr rhe ho 2 weeks k baad. Ab kuch bhi ho jaye Nishant and Jaan to captain bilkul nhi banne chahiye”. Few minutes back Nikki was questioning friendship of Jaan and Nishant and now what she is doing. She too is talking against her friends and don’t want them to become captain. After a big discussion Rahul decided to come out of the dollhouse with the doll of Rubina and like this Rahul also so I got out of the game. In the next round Rubina got out and the last round was between Nishant and Jaan where Jaan came out with the doll of Nishant and like this Nishant became the first captain of Bigg Boss season 14.
Nikki went in the bathroom of Jaan and apologize to him. John also got convinced by her. This shows that none of them can stick to their point. They can’t stand strong on their decisions and points as few hours back they were like not going to talk for few days and now they are easily forgiving each other. This sometimes look very fake.

The powers of the captain were discussed that what are the things captain can do or handle. Nishant I was talking to Jaan and told him to not lose or not get affected easily. He also told him that how many times are you going to forgive her this will look bad outside. Nikki started her same dialogues that she supports her friends so much and she is the one who push them forward but now you don’t need anybody, nobody is her friend. Nikki crossed the red zone and went to Pavitra and started crying over there. She said she didn’t want to go there she wants to be with her only. Jaan also went in the red zone to persuade Nikki. Ejaz and Pavitra were also telling Jaan that she trusted you so you should have supported her. Nishant was talking to Abhinav Jasmine and Rubina where he said that still Jaan is justifying himself. Nishant was right here when he said Jaan should stick to one thing. Jasmine and Rubina told Nishant that he should make sure that both Jaan and Nikki should come out of red zone as he is the captain or else he only will suffer. Nishant tried to talk to Nikki and ask her to come back in Green zone. Nikki didn’t agree to that and said she won’t go anywhere. Jasmine and Rubina were so right when they said Nikki is trying to create problem in Nishant’s captaincy. Bigg Boss also told Nishant to bring back both the contestants in Green zone. Nishant was trying to talk to Nikki but she was not ready to come.

What to expect tonight?

In the promo it was clearly visible that Nishant was still trying to persuade Nikki and Rubina advised him that you can threat her about her stuff. Also there will be a heated argument between Rahul and Pavitra as Pavitra didn’t like the comment Rahul made about her having crush on Abhinav.

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