Bigg Boss 14 Written Updates October 23: Rahul Vaidya and Pavitra Punia engages in a big fight, Pavitra breaks down later

Bigg Boss 14Written Updates October 23: Every new day at Bigg Boss brings a new adventure, since the introduction of red zone game has become more intense.

Nishant strategizes to bring Nikki back:

Last night the episode ended with Nikki Tamboli in the red zone. Nishant Singh became the first captain of the house so Bigg Boss told him that it is his responsibility to bring her back in green zone, where she actually belongs to. Nikki is not in mood to accept what Nishant says as she is upset with his friend who betrayed her. Rubina threw a suggestion to Nishant, and after that he picks Nikki’s personal belonging and keep them in BB Mall. He tried everything possible to bring her back in green zone as it was his captaincy.

Jaan Kumar Sanu from nowhere jumps in the argument and starts his new theory. Audience know him more as Nikki’s one sided lover than Jaan Kumar Sanu. He went to Nishant and asked him that who has influenced him to put Nikki’s personal things in BB Mall. Jaan Kumar Sanu knows that Rubina is the mastermind behind but Nishant takes it on him and tells that it is his strategy.

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Nishant Steps down as captain:

Bigg Boss does not seem to be happy with Nishant’s leadership qualities. He scolds Nishant on being a puppet of other housemates and thinks he couldn’t manage to control the house. Bigg Boss asks Nishant to step down as a captain and he was too depressed by this. Abhinav consoles Nishant to not take it on heart and also tried to create a rift between the trio. He was seen telling Nishant that Jaan and Nikki know the game and he doesn’t.

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The Aunties of the house:

This thing of creating a rift between people is going on since the first season of Bigg Boss. Every season there are few ‘aunty’ characters in the show who enjoy watching the fights. Jaan and Nikki are playing that character in this season. Jaan and Nikki were seen sparking the conflict between Rahul and Pavitra. They told Pavitra that Rahul has been spreading a rumor that she has a crush on Abhinav, who is already married. This makes Pavitra very furious and she loses her temper and gets indulged in heated conversation with Rahul Vaidya. Pavitra is very protective about her image and she thinks she is being portrayed as a characterless girl.

Navratri task: Nikki kisses Jaan

Matarani seems to be happy on Jaan Kumar Sanu as he gets kiss from his crush in this Navratri task. The task was hat a girl’s facial will be done by a boy and a video will be made. Jaan turns up for Nikki and Abhinav for Rubina, and Rahul chose to record the video. Jaan and Nikki dances to ‘Udi Udi Jaay’ and Rubina-Abhinav shake on ‘Kamariya’. While dancing Jaan gets a peck from Nikki.

Preeti and Pinky, the famous duo sisters entered the house for a Navratri special performance.

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