Poonam Pandey in legal troubles, gets arrested for a controversial photoshoot on Goa Beach; Netizens compares with Milind Soman

Poonam Pandey is again in headlines for another controversy, this time a legal trouble as Poonam Pandey gets arrested for a controversial photoshoot.

Feminism and Nudity:

Milind Soman, who is an Indian Supermodel, Film Producer, Fitness Promoter and an actor has recently grabbed media attention. Milind has celebrated his 55th birthday on 4th November 2020. Milind Soman decided to to celebrate his 55th birthday in a special manner. To make the 55th Birthday special and memorable Milind decided to go naked and have a nude photoshoot on the beach. On Wednesday 4th of November 2020 milind successfully grabbed media’s attention with this photoshoot. Fans were very happy to see their favorite actor in such a photoshoot. Milind was getting a lot of good comments on his fitness and the way of living life at the age of 55.

Poonam Pandey arrested for Controversial Photoshoot

But on the other side of the world, actually same side of the world but other gender, an actress also decided to have this photoshoot. Maybe you can call it the fault of the gender or the name associated with this photoshoot. She was none other than Poonam Pandey, the most controversial celebrity of Bollywood. As we all know that Poonam Pandey somehow manages to grab media attention in every few weeks or a month. Poonam Pandey has been into headlines since long for her vulgarity and controversial photoshoots and MMS. When everyone was praising Milind Soman nude photoshoot on the beach on the very next day everybody was astonished to see the same photo shoot by Poonam Pandey. Poonam Pandey has been arrested for this controversial photoshoot.

But there was a lot of difference in both the photoshoots the first difference being the gender Milind is a male and Poonam is a female. So when a male goes nude his fitness is being praised while on the other hand when a female goes nude she is arrested. The law must be same for both the celebrities or a common gender. But this didn’t appear to be the case with Poonam Pandey and Milind Soman. Poonam Pandey has a legally took permission of the local Cops on the beach of Goa to have this photoshoot. In fact the Cop or the Inspector who gave Poonam Pandey the permission to have this controversial photoshoot has been suspended. The location of photoshoot is the Chapoli dam in Canacona Sub District and this had went viral earlier this week which sparked protests in the area.

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Feminism Explodes on Twitter:

The debate has been taken to a next level on the Twitter. A group of netizens are in fever or we may say that are in favor of feminism m and are standing by the side of Poonam Pandey. Are of the opinion that gender equality must be there in the country and law must be same for both the gender. So if Poonam Pandey has been arrested for the same photoshoot Milind should also be arrested. People all linking this whole incidents with hypocrisy. Parul Yadav has expressed are views in a tweet where she says the hypocrisy is astounding why is a man applauded and woman arrested for doing the same about time we move fastest in equality.

Let’s see that how far this debate goes but it has given something to gossip around to the media houses.


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