MTV Roadies Revolution written episode updates: 9th January: Semi finale

The show MTV Roadies Revolution is one step away from its finale. In the last episode Hamid Barkzi from Nikhil’s team became the first finalist. In the previous episode, the show also witnessed a double vote out, with Shreya and Zabi bidding farewell to the show. Today’s episode is the semi finale episode with seven semi finalists: Hamid, Michael, Abhimanyu, Sonam, Akash, Vipin and Jayant.

MTV Roadies Revolution: Semi finale task: Who makes a place in the finale??

Today is the chance to win a place in the finale. From the seven, any three are going to make a place in the finale. Hamid has already become the first finalist, leaving behind two more contestants to make a chance to the finale. The MTV Roadies Revolution semi finale task is a thrill to watch. The Roadies’ twist in the show is the entry of ex-contestants Aarushi and Aman to play against the semi-finalists. The task is “Battle Stars”. The contestants need minimum five stars to win the task. In each round they can get minimum two stars. The task includes strength and speed. Each contestant need to choose their opponents for the task. After a discussion, Michael plays against Aman, Poonam against Aarushi, Abhimanyu against Jayant and Vipin against Akash. In the first stage contestants have to pull the opponent in their zone using a ring, a kind of tug of war which includes strength. The first three winners of this stage goes to the second stage in which they have to pass the Oppo pro phone through narrow slits and have to give two stars to Ranvijay, in each round. They could get the stars either from the leaders or can find the stars from a heap of hay present at the task location.

In the first round Akash and Jayant gives two stars first, in the scond round Michael and Jayant wins, in third round again Michael and Jayant wins. Jayant completes his five stars’ target after this round. In the fourth round Michael wins and completes the target too. Thus Jayant and Michael wins the semi finale task. So, we have our three finalists as: Hamid and Michael representing team Nikhil and Jayant representing team Varun. Other contestants feel sad for not being able to win the semi finals. Akash exclaims the most as his leader Prince is not going to the finals for the first time in the Roadies’ history.

MTV Roadies Revolution: What’s burning inside the house??

After getting the three finalists of the show, all the leaders share their journey experience. After the task, when the finalists along with other semi finalists reach to the Roadies’ tents, there is another surprise waiting for them. There are some ex-Roadies in the house. But what we see is that instead of congratulating the winners, these ex- Roadies indulges into great chaos with our semi finalists, for breaking trusts in the journey. Apoorva and Akash indulges into a spat, followed by Vipin and Nisha and then Poonam and Shreya. Later Shreya and Vipin also gets into a quarrel. The house seems to be burning with grievances of the Roadies towards each other.

Meanwhile Team Loyalty’s Arushi, Michael and Hamid just relaxes aside and enjoys the spat between a someday close friends. The episode gives the audience a perfect essence of the semi finale. We are very eager to see who wins the show. Let’s stay tuned for the finale updates.

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