MTV Roadies Revolution: Finale of season 18: Excited to know who’s winning?

Today is the most awaited finale of the show MTV Roadies Revolution. The finale is no doubt very mesmerizing and breath taking. In the previous episode we got our three finalists: Hamid and Michael from team Nikhil and Jayant from team Varun. Team Prince and team Neha couldn’t reach the finale.

MTV Roadies Revolution: Finale task: Here’s all you need to know

The finale episode of MTV Roadies Revolution begins with the finalists talking to their family members over a phone call. After that, Ranvijay, all the leaders, the three finalists and some other ex-Roadies reach the task location. The ex-Roadies are here to cheer our finalists. The task location and the setup is just what we can expect from the Roadies finale, its just amazing, giving the perfect Roadies’ essence. This finale task is a series of perfect power-packed task which the Roadies finale can have.

In the first stage of the task, finalists have to cross certain swings and take off five flags tied on the swings. This stage requires balancing. Then in the second stage they have to solve three maths equation and find their answers from the ten earthern pots present at the task location and have to break three correct pots to get three numbers. Although the contestants can also break all the pots in case they don’t know the answers to the equations and want to save their time. They will get three numbers from the pots which will open the lock of a box. This box contains a fire extinguisher ball and a key. The ball has to be thrown downwards aiming at a basket which contains fire and there’s a star hanging above that basket. So if the finalists want to save the winning star from burning, they need to aim right any how. The key in the box will open the lock of their leader. Finalist have to open the lock, take a selfie with the leader on whose chest there is another number, take a picture of the number at the leader’s back. The leader and the contestant has to then move pn a death plank and raise the Roadies flag which contains the third number. These three numbers open the second lock of a box. Finalist have to open the box and take out a flag and here the timer stops.

Now, there’s a chance to reduce the timing consumed by breaking tubelights whole going down thru a rope. Breaking one tubelight reduces ten seconds. After breaking the tubelights, finalists have to click a selfie with the winning star using their Oppo 17 pro phone. And here the task ends. The one completing the task in the least time wins the show.

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MTV Roadies Revolution: Excited to know that who wins this season 18? Here’s the end to all your excitements

The three finalists have pulled their socks up to perform the task and give a tough competition to each other. Hamid performs the task first, followed by Jayant and then Michael. All the three performs just amazingly and truly gives a tough competition to each other. After the task, Ranvijay announces the result. Hamid breaks 10 tubelights, Michael breaks 6 and Jayant breaks 7. But the major factor is of the overall task duration. So here’s the disclosing. Jayant completes the task in 8mins and becomes the second runner up. Michael completes in 5min 30sec and becomes the first runner up.

Hamid completes in just 3mins 14sec and yeah he wins the show. He just kills it. Nikhil Chinapa as a leader wins the show. Congratulations to our winner. Everyone praises, “Roadies me rehna hai toh Hamid Hamid kehna hai”. Hamid had shown outstanding performances since beginning and yess finally the deserving one wins. Team loyalty wins. The winner gets a Java motorcycle and the winning leader gets three lakh rupees cheque which will go to a charity. Once again heartfelt congratulations to Hamid and team Nikhil!!!

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