After Rihanna and Greta Thunberg, Mia Khalifa now joins the Farmers Protest controversy going on in India

The Farmer protest in India is going on since last 2 months in India. Now popular celebrities like Rihanna, Greta Thunberg and Mia Khalifa draws international attention on Farmers Protest going on in India.

Start of The Farmer Protest:

It all started on 9th August 2020 when the ruling government passed 3 farm bill in Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha. A small group of farmers and opposition didn’t seem to be happy by the farm bills, which is absolutely normal in India. The work of opposition is to oppose any decision of the government (good or bad). They do everything possible to get into news headlines. It is a repetitive technique to gain public attention in which the opposition has failed consistently in past few years. This protest against 3 farm bills appeared to be their next failed attempt to gain publicity.

Strong Opposition of Farm Bills:

It was a negligible opposition to the bill until the farmers from Punjab and Haryana started protesting in large numbers. They gained national attention by Dharnas and protest marches in Delhi. There were many unsuccessful attempts of disturbing harmony of the country but they finally succeeded in agitating a public movement by the end of year 2020. The farmers from Punjab and Haryana with the help of some opposition leaders and local bodies tried turning their personal interests into public protest. It was by in the last week of December or starting weeks of January when the protest gained public interest by getting influenced by media coverage and some other factors. It started being projected as a topic of national interest which was just a location specific attempt to maintain the monopoly on farming production or specifically export by Haryana and Punjab.

The real face of protest unveiled:

Citizens of India started believing that the protest is real by the third week of January. After a 2 month long protest of so called farmers people started believing that the farmers are really suffering. They started gaining nationwide support but eventually everything was unveiled when so called farmers attacked Red Fort on the occasion of Republic Day of India. People saw the real face of farmers on Republic Day of India when the so called farmers used weapons to beat and threaten the police and forces who protect India. Their non-violent face came in front of Indian Citizens and the image of farmers built in last few months was spoiled.

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Damage Control by Farmers:

The image of farmers was already spoiled by shameful incident that happened on Republic Day of India. The real farmers came to front and opposed these fake farmers who are protesting on Delhi roads. The opposition, farmers unions and so called farmers could not deal with increasing opposition of farmers protest and they started the damage control. Now that their sympathy card didn’t work they fumbled and the paid PRs came to action. The plan is to get international attention into the matter and devastate the image of India and its government on international grounds. For this purpose they hired international celebrities as influencers and probably paid them huge amounts to tweet in favor of farmer protest goin on. After this Rihanna and Greta Thunberg tweeted on Tuesday 2nd February 2021.

Mia Khalifa Joins in Farmers Protest in India:

Seeing tweets from famous celebrities once again the hype of Farmers Protest in India has been created. On 3rd February 2021 another famous personality Mia Khalifa tweeted in favor of Indian farmers protesting on Delhi Roads, or probably spreading hatred.

On one hand Indian Government is extending helping hands to Pakistan by sending vaccine to them and still people believe that they would pass a bill opposing their own farmers! If people still believe this mis-spread news Indian public needs to go far in terms of education and development.

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