Rinku Sharma, A Bajrang Dal Activist brutally stabbed by knife to death; Netizens demand #JusticeForRinkuSharma

Rinku Sharma, a 26 year old boy from Mangopuri, Delhi who happens to be a Bajrang Dal activist was brutally murdered by stabbing in his own house. Netizens express their anger on social media with #JusticeForRinkySharma

Who is Rinku Sharma?

Rinku Sharma is a 26 year old boy who celebrated his birthday just a day before his death was brutally stabbed by knife. Rinku Sharma lived in Mangolpuri, Delhi with his brothers, Manu, Ankit and parents. Rinku worked at a hospital in Paschim Vihar as a lab technician and was a Bajrang Dal activist also.

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The Murder Incident:

Ankit Sharma, the brother of deceased told to media that on Wednesday evening a mob of 25-30 people knocked on their door. They were armed with sticks and knives and forcefully got inside the house. The enquired about Rinku Sharma and attacked him and his brother after entering the house forcefully. According to the family members’ statements Rinku Sharma was brutally beaten and stabbed by knife. The mob attacked other family members also and vandalized their home. Rinku was rushed to nearby hospital where the knife was taken out from his back, but his condition continued deteriorating. He was referred to some other hospital on Thursday morning but unfortunately he was declared dead by doctors on Thursday noon.

Netizens demand #JusticeForRinkuSharma:

The outrage broke on Social media by Thursday evening as it increased religious tension in the national capital of India. 4 assailants happen to be arrested by Delhi Police. The incident became a religious matter as Rinku Sharma is a Bajrang Dal activist and used to actively participate in events with Bajrang Dal members. Recently he was a part of donation collection campaign for Ram Mandir. It is believed that a group of people belonging to the other community got offended by some reason and took this action.

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