iPhone Scam trends on twitter: The accused claims innocence while memes revolve around: Here’s the reason and other details of the trend

Since Tuesday night iPhone Scam is trending on micro blogging site twitter with many users alleging that a fraudster has been duping people. Here’s all you need to know about the #iPhoneScam twitter trend.

What is iPhone Scam twitter trend all about? 

Since Wednesday, February 17, the ‘#iPhoneScam’ is trending on Twitter with many users posting about how an alleged fraudster had been conning people by offering new iPhones are very low prices. The scam was first brought into light by YouTuber Nishant Kumar Singh in a video. The video followed a series of several allegations against the accused. 

Nishant Kumar Singh uploaded a video online accusing founder and owner of Squeaks Media, Neel Patel, of multiple scams.  In a Twitter thread, Nishant has also listed several other alleged scams by Neel Patel. Accompanying Singh in the video was another individual, Abhimanyu Singh Rana, as the duo discussed how Patel had been involved in various alleged scams. They have also accused Patel of using his companies ‘Squeaks Media’ and ‘eGyaan’ to con people, however the highlight of the video remains #iPhoneScam. 

As per the video, the duo has accused Patel of using his venture ‘NaaradPay’ to offer cheap iPhone to online customers. The accused has tried to increase his market creditibility, by gaining the trust of certain influencers. However, upon receiving the payments from customers, he allegedly didn’t deliver iPhones to anyone. The duo believes that only a few customers received iPhones – this was apparently done by Patel to make people believe in his iPhone offer. 

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#iPhoneScam accused Neel Patel’s response against the allegations:

While Youtubers Singh and Rana along with other users have accused Patel of multiple scams, Patel has taken to twitter to claim his innocence. Neel Patel claims that the delay in the delivery of the iPhones is due to the limited availability of the product. He raised his voice against the allegations and declared that none of the allegations are true and that he is  not a fraud.

Memes revolve around as #iPhoneScam trends on twitter

Currently the YouTuber duo, accused Neel Patel and other users are engaged in a verbal battle and the entire controversy has turned into a pool of verbal abuse, and more allegations. While the battle is continuing over twitter, memers have got a jump into the topic by creating hilarious memes. All the memes related to #iPhoneScam are trending over various social networking sites. Lets take a look at the various memes:


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