Kapil Sharma in controversy again as he gets angry for being clicked on wheelchair at the airport: Watch Video Here

Time and again controversies and Kapil Sharma have become integral part of each other. Now Kapil Sharma is again in controversy as he gets angry for being clicked on wheelchair at the airport. Watch the video here.

Kapil Sharma gets angry again:

Kapil Sharma seems to be in a forever relationship with controversies. In a recently surfaced video by Pinkvilla Kapil Sharma can be seen losing his cool and getting angry at the paparazzi. The incident happened at Airport departure on 22nd February when Kapil Sharma was spotted on a wheelchair. In the video Kapil Sharma can be seen on a wheelchair and his manager walking with him asking media to stay away. He is giving reference of Kapil’s ill health. Kapil Sharma can be seen staying quiet until he reached the parking. A photographer came in the way to get a click and Kapil Sharma got angry at the paparazzi.

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(Video Source: Pinkvilla)

As seen in the video Kapil Sharma can be heard saing ‘Oye, tum peeche hato saare’, followed by ‘Ullu Ke patthe’. This phrase offended the Pinkvilla photographer and he said that he has been snapped saying it. To which Kapil Sharma replied ‘Tum badtameezian karte ho’. Later his manager was seen asking them to delete the video giving reference of Kapil Sharma’s ill health. The video is being shared on social media and Kapil Sharma is getting a lot of condemn on this video.

Internet and controversies:

The way people react to small things on internet today is a common thing. Every single issue is made a big matter just because of someone’s ego or for numbers on social media. It’s true that celebrities influence a lot of fans so they need to have control on their behavior, but sometimes they also have a bad day. It should be understandable by media and fans.

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List of Kapil Sharma Controversy:

We can’t tell whether Kapil Sharma is behind controversies or controversies chase Kapil Sharma. Here are the top 3 Kapil Sharma controversies of a long list:

Kapil Sharma and Sunil Grover:

Kapil Sharma Vs. Sunil Grover: The Rivalry Continues!

Kapil Sharma and Sunil Grover’s ‘in the air’ fight is known to everyone. As per the reports it was a heated argument going on between drunk Kapil Sharma and Chandan Prabhakar. Sunil Grover tried to jump in the conversation and take situation under control. Kapil Sharma didn’t like his intervention and abused him also which was not taken lightly and it resulted in a long rift between the two.

Kapil Sharma’s tweet to PM:

It was a morning of 9th September 2016 when Kapil Sharma took the risk to tweet something to PM Narendra Modi. The tweet went viral and Kapil Sharma was trolled badly on this:

Kapil Sharma misbehaving with female co-stars:

The Indian Television industry’s comedy king Kapil Sharma was accused of misbehaving with female co-stars. He allegedly misbehaved with Monali Thakur, Tanishaa Mukherji and some other female co-stars at IIFM (International Marathi Film Festival). Next day a tweet went viral from Kapil Sharma. Have a look at it:

So, these are some of the major controversies of Kapil Sharma and it is normal for superstars. It’s just that some people learn to manage through all this and some break down after a point.

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