From Akshay Kumar, Govinda to Saif and Salman Khan: Moments when celebs lost their temper to engage in fight with common people

We have often seen cold wars going on between famous celebs goin on, but today we are covering the moments when celebs like Akshay Kumar, Govinda, Saif and Salman Khan lost temper in public to engage in fight with common people.

Ajay Devgn Viral Video:

Holi, the festival of colors brought some troubles for Bollywood superstar Ajay Devgn. It was a video surfaced by someone on Social Media which claimed Ajay Devgn being beaten up outside a pub. The video went viral in no time. Check out the video:

The video reached a lot of people on social media and Ajay Devgn got so many concern calls that he had to respond to it publicly on Twitter. It was Ajay Devgn’s tweet that calmed down his fans and knowns. Ajay Devgn tweeted and said that it was a fake video where his look alike was beaten and not him. He wishes his fans Happy Holi along with this. Check out the tweet here:

Celebs who lost temper in public:

Ajay Devgn got out of the controversy safely but there are many celebs who lost temper in public and caught the headlines.

Akshay slaps Fan

Bollywood actor Akshay Kumar aka Khiladi Kumar got into headlines after he slaps a fan on set of the movie ‘Gabbar Is Back’. A man was constantly taking pictures on the set, he didn’t stop despites several calls of the security guard. On noticing the ignorance of the man, Akshay Kumar himself told him to stop taking pictures, but he didn’t stop. This made Akshay Kumar lose temper and slap the guy.

Saif involves in scuffle after party

It happens to be an incident when Saif Ali Khan and  Kareena Kapoor came to Mumbai’s Hotel Taj with his friend Malaika Arora. It was then when Saif Ali Khan got involved in a fierce fight with a man there. In the scuffle, Saif punched the man, breaking his nose. Police reached the spot and arrested the actor and jailed him, and later he got bail.

Mika slapped the doctor

The popular singer Mika Singh can’t stay away from controversies for long. Recently he came up in headlines for slapping a doctor on stage of his concert. Everyone present there were stunned by this action of Mika Singh. Mika Singh came up with an explanation that the doctor was misbehaving with girls and abusing them. This made Mika Singh lose temper and slap him.

Govinda had to pay a lot to slap his fan

Govinda, the actor famous for making his fans laugh due to his comedy once made a fan cry a lot. It was back in 2008 on sets of the film Money Hai To Honey Hai, when a crowd was there to watch Govinda. During this, some fan from the crowd started behaving bossy and dominated others which compelled Govinda to slap him.  After this, the angry fan lodged a complaint against the actor for which Govinda had to pay a sum of 5 Lakh Rupees.

Priyanka raises her hand over the fan who misbehaved

Bollywood Diva Priyanka Chopra was so furious once in an event that she slapped a fan hardly. Later in an intervie Priyanka Chopra cleared thing that the fan was misbehaving and she slapped him when she couldn’t tolerate his wrong deeds anymore.

Shahrukh Khan slaps Shirish

It is very rare to see Shahrukh Khan getting angry, but whenever he does it becomes the top headlines of media coverages. This controversy took place when Bollywood king Shahrukh slapped Farah Khan’s husband Shirish Kunder in front of everyone at a party. The people present at the party tried to stop further fight between both of them. Shirish is said to have made fun of Shahrukh’s film Ra-One, causing Shahrukh to lose his temper.

Salman-Sohail had a fight under the house

Salman Khan once admitted on The Kapil Sharma Show that he and brother Sohail Khan once had a fierce fight with some goons in front of their house. As per Salman Khan’s description once a man was abusing standing in front of their house and Sohail went down to shut him up. To this the man called his goons, and they beat up Sohail Khan. Salman came to mediate the matter but he too was beaten with sticks.

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