Top 8 Rising Twitter Troll accounts you should follow for great humor

Troll, politics and controversies are the most important features of Twitter. So here we present you top 8 rising Twitter troll accounts you should follow.

What is Twitter?

A social media platform full of dramatic but mindful people. The species of people who are a regular user of Twitter are believed to be a step ahead of other people of their generation. Be it creativity, humor, aggression, intellectual thinking, political views or even simple debates and discussion, Twitter users are ahead of other social media platform users. It is the vibe of the platform that makes it’s users smarter and sharper (Sorry Horlikcs but  66.66% of your job is done by Twitter).

Who are Twitter Troll?

Some people are celebs by birth, some are by money (Paid Blue Ticks), some by political approach but Twitter trolls are those self made accounts who become popular by their ability to play with words and humor. These people with great observation skills and techniques to present facts with relatable humor are known as trolls. Twitter trolls turn the tensed social media environment to fun and light moods.

Sometimes some targeted trolls are too much for the trolled person, but other than that Twitter trolls are helping people release their frustration and mental burdens.

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Top 8 Twitter Troll accounts to follow


A great observer and very straight forward person. Mojo will make you laugh by his witty tweets and one liners. Apart from trolling and meme, you can follow and talk to him about Cricket, Bollywood and Food.

Click here for landing on Mojo’s profile.

Slightly Grumpty (Rooshi NOT Roshni)

Popular among her followers as ‘Queen of Word Play’ Rooshi is memer/troll who will bring a smile on your face with her one word and one liner family friendly jokes. Along wish distributing smiles, she also shares happiness in form of chocolates through her brand Choco Lust.

Click here to land on Slightly Grumpty’s Twitter account.


A slightly different than accounts of her league. She is just more intellectual and her tweets are way more mature than a normal troll. This is an underrated Twitter troll account with 6.6k followers, which people should follow for some amazing content on our timeline.

Click here to land on Nawaaban’s Twitter account.

Tweet Chor

Call her Tweet Chor or Pagal Aurat, this Twitter account is surely gonna boost your mood even on your worst day. Tweet Chor is not just a twitter troll but she is a talkative person and a great counselor too. You should follow her to stay updated with latest trendy memes.

Click here to land on Tweet Chor’s Twitter account.

Nick Hunterr

If you are one of the 25k+ followers of Nick Hunterr then you might know a lot about him. He is a very friendly and interactive Twitter troll who delivers instant humor. He is killing it on twitter’s newly launched feature called Twitter Spaces. You should follow him for some amazing and humorous tweets on your timeline.

Click here to land on Nick Hunterr’s Twitter account.


If you are looking for some relatable memes from your day to day life. He is a great observer and shares some great and humorous tweets which everyone can relate to. Apart from just humor you can follow him for topics related to cricket, finance and life philosophy.

Click here to land on Vishcomical’s Twitter account.


You can find a blend of cricket, television industry and humor on this Twitter account. As per the header and bio the admin of this account seems to be a huge fan of MS Dhoni and Tarak Mehta Ka Ooltah Chashma.

Click here to land on Bittu’s Twitter Account.


Tweetera somewhat resembles ‘Tarun’ from the web series named Hey Prabhu whose second season is streaming on MX Player now. He shares his views which are pretty humorous and people love to read his daily life experiences.

Click here to land on Tweetera’s Twitter account.

So these were top 8 Twitter troll accounts who are doing a great job in making people smile on their humor and sarcasm. There are many other accounts too, so just stay tuned with TheBrightWall on Instagram and Twitter for more such updates.

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