These Threats can Ban your Favorite Mobile Game Battlegrounds Mobile India again

There are some threats to the recently launched Battlegrounds Mobile India which could lead to its ban once again.

Battlegrounds Mobile India Release:

The most awaited mobile game of all time Battleground Mobile India broke all pre-registration records and now the early access version has hit 1 Million downloads in just 24 hrs. Battlegrounds Mobile India’s launch was tipped since long to be launched on 18th June 2021. The teaser of the game was launched on 18th May 2021 and record breaking 20 Million+ pre-registrations were done on the Play Store for mobile game.

For those who still don’t know about what is BGMI or Battlegrounds Mobile India, it is the reframed version of PUBG. PUBG was banned in India in September last year. The hype of its relaunch was created since its ban. And finally the early access version of Battlegrounds Mobile India is released in India on 17th June 2021.

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What are the challenges and Threats to Battlegrounds Mobile India?

Although the game makers have modified its privacy policy to compile with Indian Laws, but there are still many possible threats which could lead to ban of Battlegrounds Mobile India once again. Krafton is implementing every possible way to ensure the security concerns and safety protocols for which it faced ban in past. It has also detached its name from Chinese developer Tencent Gaming. Here are some of the possible threats which might lead to the ban of the game again in India:

  • Calling Battlegrounds Mobile India by the name PUBG Mobile India

The developers of the game, KRAFTON have requested the users and streamers to address the game with name ‘Battlegrounds Mobile India’ or ‘BGMI’ and not ‘PUBG’. But as everyone knows it is just not possible to ensure that nobody will use the same old name just by one single urge by the developers. We have seen many YouTubers addressing it by the name PUBG Mobile India.

  • Use of Obscene language and curse words

With the return of the most popular and hyped mobile game in India, the controversies are also back. A South Indian YouTuber named TOXIC MADAN has recently been arrested for very abusive language on his gaming YouTube channel. This game is really very bad for teenagers’ mental health as they become very hyper and angry when they are knocked out by other players in the lobby. They start abusing and ranting on teammates or other people on live streams and that becomes controversial beyond limits sometimes. If such incidents increases it might lead to the ban of our favorite game BGMI once again in India.

  • Some data security protocols which might invade users privacy

The main reason why PUBG Mobile was banned in India is the privacy concerns of Indian citizens. The Govt. Of India took action on many Chinese apps which used to transfer Indian citizens’ private info to other countries servers, and PUBG Mobile India was one of them. Now once again the open letter of an MLA from Assam named Ninong Ering has created a buzz around for banning the game again. Ninong in his letter claimed that Battlegrounds Mobile India is a game with Chinese Deception and urged Prime Minister of India to ban the game.

  • The effect on children’s mind and studies

Many parents have serious concerns over their child wasting lots and lots of time on mobile gaming. Battlegrounds Mobile India’s developers have kept this in mind and have put some restrictions on children below the age of 18. But as we all know it’s very easy to trick anyone in this advanced world of technology, so nobody can ensure that the user on the other side of the mobile screen is 18+ or not until he speaks the truth.

These are some of the most probable threats which might ban Battlegrounds Mobile India once again, but as of now there are no signs of this game getting banned in any part of the country so you can download and play the game with dignity.

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