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About The Bright Wall

The Bright Wall is a news and media based website in India. We are not like any other clickbait news channels or websites. We just focus on the top of the class news belonging to any category, be it entertainment, politics, technology, travel, food or any niche which makes people feel good while reading. We are a group of writers who are trying to make The Bright Wall a recognizable name in the news industry with fair means and without indulging into any controversy. We try to publish only authentic news and articles to the best of our knowledge and even after a lot of filtering if someone gets offended we are sorry from the bottom of our heart. 

The Bright Wall as the name indicates focuses mainly on the bright side of every field and our motto is ‘Top of The Class’ which means we cover the classy news that readers like to read and enjoy.

In case of any issues with The Bright Wall you can write to us on Twitter and Instagram.

Guest blogging on The Bright Wall:

The Bright Wall is open for guest blogs too and our aim is to be the best guest blogging website in India as our sole purpose is to help the emerging content writers and encourage and nourish their talent under our banner. The guest posts are free to post and anyone can submit a post on our website if they follow some basic rules as mentioned below:

  1. Article must be grammatically correct. (Use Grammarly or Google Docs to check before submitting)
  2. Word Limit: 1000-2000 words
  3. Article shouldn’t be copied
  4. Article should have at most 2 backlinks.

If your articles satisfy all these conditions, then what are you waiting for? Just send it to us on tschouhan95@gmail.com and wait for it to be published.