Bigg Boss 16 Update: Fahman Khan to Enter in Bigg Boss House to Support Sumbul Touqeer and to Take Shalin’s Class

Sumbul Touqeer seems to be directionless in Bigg Boss house, makers decide to bring Fahman Khan in Bigg Boss house to bring Sumbul back in the game.

Sumbul Touqeer Seems to be lost:

Looks like Sumbul is trapped in Bigg Boss house, she is unable to take any decision by using her mind. Despite her father’s persuasion, she went back to Shalin. Due to this, her image among the public has become very bad. Maybe that’s why the makers have decided bring Sumbul’s good friend Fahman in the show.

Sumbul is a protected child in the house:

Ever since Sumbul Tauqeer Khan started crying and feeling lonely and her father reprimanded Shalin-Tina, Sumbul has become the talk of the town. Sumbul has got the “poor girl’s” name in her house. Either everyone in the house is seen advising her, or seen protecting her. Sumbul is lost somewhere in all this, she is not able to take her stand. There are reports that amidst all this, plans are being made to bring his ‘good friend’ Fahman Khan on the show to handle and support Sumbul.

Sumbul comes back to Shalin:

Recently, there was a fight in the house of Bigg Boss, where Shalin was seen defending Sumbul by calling her a baby. For her he got engaged in a quarrel with Gautam. But Sumbul was seen raging on him on the contrary. On this matter, Sajid also reprimanded her and said that after all what she wants. It is believed that feelings like love for Shaleen have started developing in the actress’s mind. Despite Papa’s explanation, Sumbul is seen fluttering near Shalin. Due to this, the image of Sumbul has become worse among the public.

Fahman Khan in Bigg Boss House as a Wild Card Entry

There are reports that, despite persuading such a situation, the makers have decided that Fahman Khan will be brought on the show as a wild card entry. But Fahman Khan says that he is not a wild card but he can definitely appear on the show to support Sumbul. Fans have become excited after hearing this news. What will happen when Fahman appears on the show? How will Fahman become Sumbul’s support? According to the news of India Forum, the makers are trying to persuade Fahman that not only from outside, he should also enter the show to support Sumbul.

If the source is to be believed, a promo will be released soon, where a hint will be given about Fahman’s entry into the house. Fahman and Sumbul have worked together in the TV serial Imli. Their chemistry as Aryan and Imli was a huge hit among the fans. Fahman and Sumbul’s offscreen friendship was also very much liked in ‘Ravivaar With Star Parivaar’.

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