Bigg Boss Season 16 Day 1 Updates: Bigg Boss Ends This 15 Year Old Tradition and Many More Updates

Bigg Boss Season 16 is here and so are we with our Bigg Boss Day 1 updates on The Bright Wall. Check Out what happened in the Bigg Boss house today?

Bigg Boss 16 Day 1 Updates

Day 1 Bigg Boss 16 updates: The 15-year-old custom is broken by Bigg Boss on the first day of the reality programme. Contestants were seen having fun and dancing to the wake-up call in the latest Colors promo. However, their good times are cut short when Bigg Boss declares that this is the final wake-up call of the season.

Bigg Boss Ends 15 Year Old Tradition

As everyone is aware, Bigg Boss wakes up the competitors by blasting music throughout the house. This time around, Bigg Boss challenges the contestants to sing an anthem that honours Bigg Boss. “Bigg Boss humari jaan, Bigg Boss humari shaan, Bigg Boss pe hum kurbaan hai,” are a few sentences from a lengthy commitment. The competitors become anxious as Bigg Boss gives them five minutes to recall these lines. Except for Sajid Khan, every member of the house is quoting the lines aloud. He could be seen standing and grinning at the other competitors.

Audience Reactions on Bigg Boss Season 16:

Salman introduced each competitor on Saturday, but Sajid Khan stole the show. As the director entered the house, online users erupted in wrath and started criticizing the show. They were incensed that the director, who is the subject of #MeToo claims, was still invited to the show. Shehnaaz Gill submitted a video message to the director in the show, which was also poorly received by the audience.

Stop favouring #SajidKhan and treating him differently, one person remarked. He has much to make up for. Give him the harshest penalty you can. “I love #ShehnaazGiIl but I hate her for supporting me too, culprit #SajidKhan,” another person said. Sajid-like individuals ought to be imprisoned. He is acting in a show in Bollywood and then directing a film after that. Shame”

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