DaniData App Review | Is Dani Data App Safe, Real or Fake? Everything Explained with Proofs

What is DaniData app, is it real or fake? Know everything about the DaniData app review and is this app safe?

What is DaniData App?

DaniData App Download | Sports Betting Earning Apk

DaniData is an online betting earning platform which is based on football betting. The makers of the app claim that the app helps you have an extra income and there are some options which allows you to bet at no risk also. Which means even if your prediction goes wrong you will still make profit. Read this article till the end to know how to bet on no risk. There are so many questions in the users’ mind like, Is DaniData app real or fake? How to earn in DaniData App? How to withdraw money from DaniData app? Is DaniData safe in India? Is my money safe in DaniData online betting app? and many more such questions. Today in this article we will try to answer al these questions and at last we will tell you that should you download DaniData app and is it real or fake.

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How to download DaniData app?

The process of downloading and registering on DaniData app is very simple:

  1. Go to the official website of DaniData. (beware as there are many fraud websites also)
  2. Complete registration process by entering email address and verifying by OTP.
  3. Now complete the registration process by entering mobile number and clicking ‘register’ button.
  4. Once the registration is completed you will be redirected to app download page from where you will land on the Google Play Store.
  5. Click on Install button and wit for the DaniData app to download.
  6. Open the app and sign in with the details entered in step 2.
  7. That’s it. Now place bets and earn.

How to deposit and withdraw money from DaniData App?

The deposit and withdrawal process as claimed by the app developers is very simple. You can deposit any amount or withdraw an amount in just few simple click.

Top deposit money in DaniData app. Open the app and go to the “mine” section. You can tap the ‘deposit’ button and choose any denomination and complete the payment by Paytm, GPay, PhonePe or any other UPI apps. Similarly you can withdraw funds from your account in some simple click.

You can withdraw your winnings on 10th of every month. There are different levels set in order to decide if you are a regular player or not. If you are a level 2,3,4 player then you can withdraw your winnings without paying any additional charges. If you are at level 1 then you need to pay 10% commission.

How to earn on DaniData App?

DaniData App Download | Sports Betting Earning Apk

As soon as you install the DaniData app on the home page you will see and option of video tutorial. It is a 150 seconds long video which explains how the whole betting works. It is safe app from betting point of view as there is  a 3:3 option in which even if your prediction goes wrong, you will get 0.75% of the bet amount. Which means you will never suffer any loss.

The app also has a referral program in which you get ₹50 for first successful referral and 200 for 3 referrals. The level depends on the number of people you refer.

Is DaniData App Real or Fake?

Now comes the main issue. Is DaniData App real or fake. Before investing any money in an app you need to check the authenticity of the app and TheBrightWall’s technical testers have rated this online betting website as 20% safe. There are many factors which define the safety of the app. The more the downloads the better the trust score. DaniData is missing contact information pages and also has poor social media coverage in India. Social Media presence gives a next level trust on the brand which is missing in DaniData’s case. You cannot find them on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram. Many users have raised questions on the withdrawal process but as the withdrawals are possible only on 10th of every month you need to understand the traffic issues on the servers.

We have talked to some users of DaniData App and they have verified their withdrawal amounts and from this point of view the app is safe. But in case DaniData admin wraps up his business in the country then you are definitely goin to lose all your money.

Should I download Dani Data App?

DaniData App is an app which makes you dream of becoming a millionaire overnight. The Bright Wall advices you to stay away from such fast and easy money making tricks and ways. You should focus on skill development rather than shortcuts to money making. DaniData is a betting app and can be banned at any instance of time without prior notice. So, even if you are influenced by friends and family you need to stay aware and invest minimum amount in worst case scenario.

The Bright Wall doesn’t recommend any such apps that has financial risks and promotes betting and gambling.

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