Fans have to wait for ‘Rudhran’ Release featuring Raghava Lawrence and Priya Bhavani Shankar

Raghava Lawrence, a gifted dancer and performer, will soon release his new action thriller, Rudhran. Its initial release date was set for Christmas. However, it appears that the movie will now have a delayed opening.

Why is Rudhran Postponed?

This is as a result of the VFX work’s incompleteness, according to the creators. Additionally, they stated that the movie will be released in 2023. The crew claimed that they are making a lot of effort to win the audience over to this huge endeavor.


For the uninitiated, there are also other significant releases this year, including Silambarasan’s Pathu Thala and Dhanush’s Vaathi. Lawrence has so avoided the challenging competition by having his release delayed. Actress Priya Bhavani Shankar co-stars with Lawrence in the major role. Lyrical tunes are being set by GV Prakash Kumar. Telugu, Tamil, Kannada, and Malayalam are just a few of the many languages the movie will be released in. Kathiresan is the director of Rudhran.

Rudhran Movie Cast

Raghava Lawrence, a former dancer who is now a director and actor, has a few intriguing projects in development. One of them is Rudhran, which is run by S. Kathiresan.

The movie is now in production and co-stars Priya Bhavani Shankar as the female lead. Sarathkumar, Nassar, and Kaali Venkat also play significant parts in the movie.

Rudhran Movie New Release Date

The movie’s premiere date, set for April 14, 2023, is being funded by S. Kathiresan personally. Today, an official announcement was made in this regard. The Telugu version of Rudhran, titled Rudhra, will be released concurrently. The movie’s score was composed by GV Prakash Kumar.

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