From Washing Dishes at a Restaurant and Dancing at Bar, Naaz Joshi has gone through a lot to become India’s First Transgender Beauty Queen

Transformation that begins at home, according to Naaz Joshi, has the potential to promote social change. Joshi made history when she won the Empress Earth 2021-22 title, becoming the country’s first transgender beauty queen.

The competition was originally set to take place in Dubai on June 1, 2021, but was postponed owing to the epidemic. Following that, the tournament was held virtually based on various candidates’ proposals. Valentina from Colombo was the first runner-up, while Olivia from Mexico was the second runner-up. Columbia, Mexico, Spain, Brazil, and India placed first and second, respectively, in the beauty pageant.

Meet Aizya (Naaz) Joshi: India's first transsexual to win Ms Diversity 2018  | Lifestyle News,The Indian Express

The finalists were asked one final question: “”Do you believe lockdown is a panacea for the pandemic?” Naaz replied, “No, lockdown can only reduce the number of patients.” Every human being also has a responsibility to follow WHO-recommended safety precautions, and we queens should inspire others to remain calm and optimistic.”

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She has won eight beauty pageants, including one national and seven international. She has organized virtual seminars to raise awareness about the LGBTQ+ community at Lovely Professional University in Punjab and Vellore Institute of Technology.

Not a smooth Journey

Joshi was born as a male named Aizya into an upper-middle-class Delhi family, but she identified as a girl and enjoyed dressing up, according to The Hindu. She explained, “Some of my male teachers would teach me how to walk like a boy.” She was protected by a trans woman at her maternal uncle’s house in Mumbai, where she was subjected to discrimination and cruelty. In the evenings, she would dance in bars dressed as a girl, and in the mornings, she would go to school dressed as a boy.

From washing utensils at a Dhaba To Winning Miss Universe Diversity 2020- 'Naaz  Joshi' has carved her destiny! - Janmat Samachar

She was accepted into the National Institute of Fashion Technology in Delhi in 2009. After college, she worked with designers Ritu Kumar and Ritu Beri. She, on the other hand, struggled to find work and maintain a consistent income. She said, “I worked as an escort to pay for my sex reassignment surgery, which I had done in sections.” She currently gets $5,000 as a showstopper as a model, despite the fact that in all 25 ramp shows she has walked, she claims that people have questioned the need for a trans model.

What Naaz Joshi’s Mother Says:

Her mother is still not proud of Naaz Joshi, who is representing India in the Miss Trans Global 2022 pageant. She just hates it. Maybe more than proud of myself. She says to herself, “What was lacking in her womb that this sin was to be raised in it.”

38-year-old Naaz Joshi is going to represent India in the Miss Trans Global 2022 pageant. This is a beauty pageant, in which transgender women from all over the world participate. Today Naaz is in the headlines. Covered on the pages of newspapers. Everyone is taking her name in a big way, making her proud, but no one knows that Naaz’s mother is still very angry with her. Just a few days ago, she got upset about something and said, “I had produced a boy, not a trans.”

Naaz didn’t want it to be what happened. She lived in her mother’s womb for 9 months happily and peacefully like every child in the world. It was not anyone’s fault, but it all came in the part of the little child whose body was that of a boy, but the mind of the girl. And what is the mind too, were hormones. Girl’s hormones in boy’s body.

Naaz Joshi’s Birth and Childhood

On December 31, 1984, a child was born in an upper-middle class family of Delhi. The nurse, handing the baby to the mother, said, “Congratulations, it’s a baby boy.” A basket full of sweets was distributed in the hospital. There was an influx of congratulators for several days. A little prince had come to the house.

There was a happy family eating and drinking. Father was an officer in Delhi Development Authority. The child had no shortage of toys, books, chocolates and anything to love. Even then he was a little more delicate than the rest of the boys, but was still a child. Very playful, beautiful, happy child.

But his happiness did not last long.

From the age of six-seven years, his behavior not being that of boy started becoming evident in the school, the house, the locality. In the school, the children started bullying, the boys of the locality started bothering, the mother started slapping him about how he lives, how it talks, how does he walk? Are you a girl? After some more time passed, the father also became violent. A 10-year-old child, who himself did not even know whether he was a boy or a girl, the behavior of his family members became violent and cruel.

There was a big house of five rooms in Delhi and here in Mumbai there was a 12 by 13 opening. The child, who grew up in the comfort of home, was evicted from the house overnight, from relationships, from love. If the crime is known, then it becomes easier to bear the punishment. Here he did not even know why this happened to him. All he knew was that his parents had thrown him out of the house. Uncle would taunt him, “Your parents put their sin on our heads. Nobody wants to keep you. You will mix the prestige of the house in the soil. You are a scourge.”

Naaz was sent to stay with maternal uncle in Delhi, where he had to work on roadside restaurants and Dhabas. Life was not smooth at maternal uncle’s house too,but it was just passing. But unfortunately, an incident took away this shelter also away from Naaz. One night, Naaz’s cousin and his friends forcefully made physical relations with her and thereafter uncle asked her to keep quiet on this matter.

Bar Dancer Naaz Joshi

In the hospital itself, a man from the transgender society caught sight of him and took the child with him. For a few days he begged on the signal, but then he got the job at once. He went to school during the day, studied and danced as a girl in the bar at night. But working in a bar doesn’t just mean dancing. The weak, the helpless, the poor are also sexually exploited. Sometimes someone would have sex by paying money and some at gunpoint. Sex is also not necessarily normal human sex. From oral and forced anal to anything the mighty might like.

The child completed his studies with science stream in 11-12th. There is no mention of his name anywhere above. Today her name is definitely Naaz Joshi, but she was not born with this name. That name, that identity is such a dark memory that Naaz does not mention it even after forgetting. She tells everything, but not her childhood name.

And bar dancer Naaz cleared the entrance exam of NIFT

Till the age of 18, Naaz danced in the bar and during this time she also passed the twelfth with her hard work and earning. By then Facebook had arrived. One day while suddenly scrolling on Facebook, she saw a picture in a profile. This was her childhood photo and the girl she was with was her cousin, who now lived in Mumbai and had become a famous actress and model. His name is Viveka Babaji.

Viveka Babaji came as a light in Naaz’s life. She saw the potential in Naaz and extended a helping hand. 19-year-old Naaz was interested in fashion designing. She used to design her own clothes. Looking through the pages of fashion magazines, she designs clothes for herself and gets them tailored from a nearby tailor. She did not know how to sew, but knew how to put it on paper.

Viveka told that there is a place named NIFT in Delhi, where she can do further studies, but for that she has to pass the entrance exam. Naaz came to Delhi, took the exam and passed. Here the fee for one semester is Rs 12000. Viveka deposited the college and hostel fees for the entire three years.

From here a new life of Naaz started, where no one teased her for her girlish gesture and behavior. No one used to exploit her sexually. There were other people like her here. Boy with body and girl with mind.

In Delhi, she is now introduced to more people from the LGBT community and for the first time she feels that she is not alone in the world. There are others like her. There is a whole world, there is happiness, sadness, hopes, dreams, festivals, parties, love, love, friendship. She felt for the first time that she was as much a human being as anyone else, whom the world considers normal. She has the same right to happiness, equality, success and dreams as anyone else.

Naaz didn’t look back from here and got a direction where to go in her life and what to do.

Now Naaz is going to participate in the Miss Trans Global 2022 pageant, where she will compete with trans beauties half her age from around the world. But Naaz hopes that she will not return hopeless from there too.

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