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I come from Million Indias | A Reply to Vir Das’s Controversial Video I COME FROM TWO INDIAS

The stand-up comedian Vir Das is in headlines for his recent comedy video titled ‘I COME FROM TWO INDIAS’. Why is it offending? Why is it controversial? Here is a reply to the original video by VIR Das by Tanayraj Singh Chouhan.

Who is Vir Das?

Vir Das is an Indian origin Stand-up comedian who do short comedy shows. Recently Vir Das has been a part of Bollywood Movies like Delhi Belly, Badmaash Company and Go Goa Gone.

What is Vir Das Two Indias topic about?

Vir Das has gained a lot of attention by his recent stand up comedy show titled ‘I COME FROM TWO INDIAS’. This show was held live at Kennedy Center situated in USA. The show became controversial due to the misleading portrayal of India’s image. Though some people came in Vir Das’ support also but most of the Indians are offended by his vision and way of introducing India.

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A reply to Vir Das by Tanayraj Singh Chouhan:

Who is Tanayraj Singh Chouhan?

You might not know him by name but Tanayraj Singh Chouhan is an aspiring blogger and a tech youtuber who posts some valuable content on YouTube and through his lifestyle and entertainment blogs for The Bright Wall. Here is a small but smart reply to the controversial video of Vir Das – Two Indias by him.

You can watch the video here:

Initially I was not interested in paying attention to the issue as every now and then an infamous celebrity cracks a controversial joke to revive his/her dying career. Some of them have guts to crack jokes on India being in India while others crack jokes on India from outside India. One of such Veer who is a Das of money and false fame has recently hit the headlines. I am not dedicating this video to him, nor is this video my last video before I leave to any other territory so keeping aside all the sentimental drama let me introduce my audience to Millions of Indias that I live in and which I am proud of. I had to see your video due to too much of drama in my twitter trend lists that was created around your name. So, this is a short introduction of the Indias where Vir and I come from. But before that let me clear some points mentioned by my fellow Indian. So, his first point was about masks, long back when India was fighting with the second wave of the deadly virus, in fact the whole world was, USA was the most careless nation on the issue. And look at the irony! You are cracking that sarcastic joke in the same country and the moron audience are laughing too! Jumping to the next punch which is about the pollution is too dumb, and I think if it is meant to be a joke then this is the only joke in the whole video. Let me show you today’s pollution or AQI Stats, it reads that Lahore, Pakistan is the most polluted city of world with an AQI of 263 which is nowhere near to the AQI mentioned by The aspiring poet cum comedian. Even on the worst day Delhi had an AQI of 1200, I don’t know under the influence of which drug this script was written.

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Third point, rapes! Should we talk about it? Hey USA, I didn’t want to bring this shameful topic but this person who comes from India which we Indians don’t know has forced me to present the stats. So to the group of morons laughing and clapping on jokeless comedy show, I would like to say that USA tops the charts when it comes to rapes, and shockingly the rape rate of USA is around 15 times of that of India. Later on in the video he will be seen saying that people after watching will ask ‘This isn’t comedy, where is the Goddamn Joke?’ so the joke is that he’s defaming USA in USA without mentioning USA.

The next point brought up by the man in camo dress is about the cricket and that we Indians want Pakistanis to come and play here. But mister whatever Das you are, have you checked the facts before jumping on the script? Let me explain you loud and clear that Pakistani players are banned in IPL, and you think that they are not a part of it by their own choice! You are a comedian or a dumb kid I doubt now. I am well aware that comedy is not factual, but it’s fictional and not misleading truth.

Next, he says ‘We scoff at sexuality, but we f8ck till we reach billion people’. Brother I don’t know about the India you are talking about but am pretty sure you missed some s*x education classes because you think sexuality and F8cking are related. And do you think Indians f*ck more! For God’s sakeeeeee someone please invent a time travel machine and make him sit back in his school classes. We are a Billion because we started from millions and that too centuries back. The population growth stats are there on Google if you can surf!

There are many other points in the video where the stand-up comedian tries to revive his dying career by reciting the gigantic joke but I don’t want to point each of them and waste the time of my smart Indian audience.

So, I would now directly jump to my version of India.

I live in an India, where people wear army dress and abuse the army but the due to our Government’s humble policies, they are forgiven. I live in an India where comedians defame the country that’s an inspiration in terms of women power and cultural heritage, and despite that they get huge support. I live in an India where media is free to show tempered videos in the name of rights but comedians are seen screaming for the right to express and speech. I live in an India where a few political parties try to spread religious disharmony but at the same time I live in an India where you can’t find any religious discrimination on ground reports. I live in an India where people mind their own business, live their own life peacefully but I live in an India where a small group of people just for their personal benefits mislead the innocent public to lift weapons and I live in same India with those vultures and despite knowing the truth they roam freely and fearlessly to commit same crime again and again and to again raise voice against the government and country who gave them life and spared their life. I live in an India where a soldier dies of a terrorist’s gunshot but on the grounds of humanity and Human Rights we provide equal right to prove his innocence and spend more budget than the comedian donated in the PM Cares Funds, and yet I live in an India where people can think of raising an RTI against system which they don’t trust and never contributed to.

There are not only 2 Indias that I belong to, there are 1.5 billion Indias, of which one is in me.

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