DaniData Scam: Is Dani Data app closed? Dani Data Latest News | Dani Data Hacked or Banned?

DaniData is an online football betting app and has gained a lot of attention in last 6 months. Is Dani Data closed, banned or hacked?

DaniData Scam:

DaniData app was launched in Indian in December 2021. Danidata is an online football betting app and claims that they work all over the globe. DaniData’s business model was different as it works on anti-betting mode. In this method you need to predict the wrong score of the match and if your prediction is wrong , you win. So the odds of winning becomes high, hence it gained popularity very fast. Even if you play at no risk, you gain around 60-70% on your investment every month which is compounded. You can read our previous article on the DaniData App review.

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Is DaniData App Closed or Banned?

Now the question is, Is DaniData App Closed or Banned? So, I’m sorry to say but it is 90% confirm news that the app is closed and lacs of people have lost millions of their hard earned money. The users started with a little investment but as they gained some profits the went all in with their savings and then on 30th May this heart wrenching news of app being closed came. Many people are deeply shocked as their hard earned money is all looted by a fraud company which was established just a few months back. DaniData has scammed its 5 Million+ users who invested around 291 Crores in total. So the DaniData Scam is a big online scam of around 291 Crore INR.

Proofs that DaniData is Closed and Banned:

There are a number of observations since last week which are pointing towards the banning of the app.

  • Users who submitted withdrawal requests on or after 30th May are still waiting for their funds in their banks.
  • DaniData Telegram channel was active till 3rd June and they assured users not to panic as their funds is safe and they are also opening their office in Mumbai. But on 4th June 2022 the users woke up to see a changed username and channel name. The channel was named DaniData earlier with around 75k subscribers but now the channel is renamed as Baba Sportasy.
  • If you try to search DaniData app on Google Play Store, you will not be able to find it there also. Which means the fraud daniData app has been banned and removed from Play Store also.
  • There are no social media channels and service email is also not replying any user.
  • When you try to open the app that’s already installed on your phone you will see the logo text for a while followed by an error message ‘No Data Found’.

How to recover my DaniData loss?

So, all these signals indicate clearly that the DaniData App is scam and they have wrapped their business overnight and looted millions of Indian currency overnight. There is a slight possibility that the app is hacked, but in that case also your fuds are at high risk. You need to wait till Monday for whole picture to be clear. But we would like to add that don’t fall in such traps again . You will find many alternatives and social media influencers talking about other trusted apps and they will attract you to recover the losses that you suffered in DaniData. By doing this you will fall to other trap.

The thing that hurts the most is that people first go for shortcuts but once they fall in such traps they blame the whole system. Have a look at some tweets.

Police and Administration warns us time and again to stay aware of such ponzi schemes but it’s all a matter of money that makes us blind.

The Bright Wall in n scenario recommend our users to fall in such easy and fast money making traps.

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