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Premiere Date Revealed for ‘Behind Your Touch’ Starring Han Ji Min, Lee Min Ki, and EXO’s Suho

Behind Your Touch

Get Ready for the Thrilling Fantasy Suspense Drama ‘Behind Your Touch’ Coming to JTBC and Netflix in August.

Behind Your Touch Sets the Stage for an Epic K-Drama

Get ready for an unforgettable television experience as ‘Behind Your Touch’ emerges as one of the most highly anticipated K-dramas of the year. With a stellar cast and an accomplished team of creators behind its production, this series promises to captivate viewers with its magic on screen. Leading the ensemble are renowned actors Han Ji Min, Lee Min Ki, and the charismatic leader of EXO, Suho. Their exceptional talents are set to shine in the lead roles, raising the excitement to new heights.

Driving the creative vision of ‘Behind Your Touch’ are director Kim Seok Yoon and writer Lee Nam Gyu. With their proven track record of delivering compelling stories, they are poised to bring their magic once again to this project. The combination of these exceptional actors and the accomplished creative team ensures a captivating viewing experience that is bound to leave audiences in awe.

As the curtains rise on this eagerly awaited K-drama, ‘Behind Your Touch’ sets the stage for a spellbinding journey filled with emotion, intrigue, and unforgettable moments. Brace yourself for an immersive storyline and remarkable performances that will keep you on the edge of your seat. With such a talented ensemble and a stellar creative team at the helm, the anticipation for ‘Behind Your Touch’ reaches unprecedented heights.

Stay tuned as this exceptional K-drama unfolds its enchanting tale, taking viewers on an extraordinary journey into the depths of human emotions and relationships. ‘Behind Your Touch’ is set to redefine television excellence and become a must-watch for all K-drama enthusiasts.

Behind The Touch Release Date

Save the date! ‘Behind Your Touch’ is set to premiere on JTBC on August 12th at 10:30 pm KST (7 pm IST). Viewers can look forward to two episodes airing every Saturday and Sunday thereafter. Although the drama concluded filming in February this year, international fans can enjoy it on the streaming platform Netflix, albeit in selected regions. Stay tuned for an unforgettable journey filled with fantasy, comedy, and gripping storytelling.

Exploring the Intriguing Tale of ‘Behind Your Touch’

Step into the captivating world of ‘Behind Your Touch,’ where the story unfolds in a unique rural farm village setting, captivating fans with its intriguing premise. Han Ji Min takes on the role of Bong Ye Boon, a compassionate veterinarian who unexpectedly acquires psychometric abilities that allow her to delve into the pasts of both humans and animals through the power of touch. However, her extraordinary gift lands her in a whirlwind of trouble when she crosses paths with the ambitious detective Moon Jang Yeol, portrayed by the talented Lee Min Ki. Together, they form an unlikely alliance to unravel the mysteries that grip the village.

Behind Your Touch Cast

Adding to the excitement, EXO member Suho graces the screen as Kim Sun Woo, a character with an enigmatic charm. With a warm-hearted personality, Kim Sun Woo catches the attention and admiration of Bong Ye Boon, creating a blossoming infatuation. Working at a convenience store, Kim Sun Woo remains shrouded in mystery, leaving both the viewers and villagers intrigued by his true nature.

Notably, actress Han Ji Min reunites with the esteemed creators of this project, director Kim Seok Yoon and writer Lee Nam Gyu, with whom she previously collaborated on the popular K-drama ‘The Light in Your Eyes,’ where she shared the screen with Nam Joo Hyuk. Similarly, Lee Min Ki impressed audiences in his previous collaboration with director Kim Seok Yoon on the drama ‘My Liberation Notes,’ further raising expectations for the creative synergy in ‘Behind Your Touch.’

Prepare yourself for a remarkable journey as ‘Behind Your Touch’ weaves a tale of mystery, romance, and discovery, promising to leave audiences enthralled and eager for more.

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