Lakshay Chaudhary and Technical Guruji Exposes Lotus 365 and Other Betting Apps | Read Before Investing Your Money

You must have heard about fast and assured money making betting apps like Lotus 365, here is how Technical Guruji exposes Lotus 365 and other online betting apps.

What Is Lotus 365?

Lotus 365 is an online betting platform on which you can invest your real money and can win some cash by betting and predictions. Online betting is the act of betting on the result of a sporting event or any other game using a computer or other device connected to the internet. Online betting has grown in popularity over the past few years as more and more individuals take part in it. These activities might range from basic bets on sports events to more complex games like casino games, poker, and horse racing.

Customers have access to a simple and handy way to bet online from the comfort of their own homes. Yet, it’s crucial to keep in mind that internet gambling can be addicting and should only be done in moderation. Several nations have laws and rules in place to guarantee that online betting activities are carried out in a fair and secure manner, and it’s crucial to become aware with these rules before engaging in online betting activities.

Why is Lotus 365 Famous?

Lotus 365 has gained fame all of a sudden recently due to huge promotion campaigns going on social media. You also must have seen your favorite actor/actress promoting Lotus 365 or other betting apps like Bet Bhai Book, Betway, Parimatch, etc. Nawazuddin Siddique, Kirti Kharbanda and Urvashi Rautela are some of the many big names associated with marketing of this betting website.

Is Lotus 365 and Other Betting Apps Legal in India?

We have heard influencers talking about Lotus 365 in their videos on Instagram and YouTube, but they follow the script submitted by the brand only. The script includes some keywords like ‘Most trusted betting site’, ‘safest deposit’, ‘legal website’ and many other words to gain trust of viewers. But in the recent YouTube video by Gaurav Chaudhary aka Technical Guruji he is seen telling that there is no such betting app in India which is legalized by the Government of India.

Its is just that the Government cannot monitor each and every app that launches in the market. There are thousands of apps that launch on daily basis but the Government agencies come to know about them only after the damage is done in most cases.

Is Lotus 365 and Online Betting Safe?

This is the biggest question that strikes users mind before they download any betting app or before they invest their hard earned money on it. Is Lotus 365 safe? Is Lotus 365 Fake or Real? So the answer to all these questions is that betting was never legal in India and will never be. It is just that the apps will run until Government lets them run or they don’t disturb the money market. The day they cross the line, their operations will be seized.

Lotus 365 is not the first and last betting app, we have seen many apps before this app who came in market, attracted thousands of users and once they started functioning properly they took away all the users’ investment and shut down overnight.

Technical Guruji Exposes Lotus 365

Technical Guruji is one of the most popular Tech YouTubers of India and world. Technical Guruji recently uploaded a video titled “Celebrity betting Apps Scam Exposed”. In this video he is seen speaking about all the betting apps but his main focus is on Lotus 365 as he mentioned change of URL.

Betting Apps Are Bogus, You are surely going to lose your money!

Technical Guruji is seen telling that all the betting apps are bogus and the registration and operation of such platforms are done from locations outside India. These companies are registered outside India for tax benefits. In addition to this Technical Guruji exposes the deposit structure of these apps. They claim to offer safe UPI deposits but every time you deposit your money on sme UPI IDs they are sent to different people and different names which you don’t know. These numbers are generally using masked UPI ID so that they can’t be tracked down easily.

Will Government Ban Betting Apps like Lotus 365?

Government of India is very actively taking steps to maintain digital decorum of the country. GOI is working hard and tracing down apps and websites that are posing threat to country and its individual’s privacy. Government never approves, legalizes and promote any kind of online betting platforms. Recently 232 apps which were stealing data and user information were blocked by the Government including the Chinese loan sharks.

Lotus 365 also recently shifted the domain from .com to .in and to drive traffic to that they have put in money for promotion on social media. Users on social media are easy target to such scammers as celebrities will do sponsored post for money and when you see your favorite celeb promoting something you blindly put money in it.

How Betting Apps Scams Works?

Everyone has an entrepreneur inside him who wats to earn money easy and soon. This earning money desire makes a person blind and soon it becomes a habit and then addiction. If you bet on something and lose it, you invest more money to recover the loss. This cycle continues until you are left with zero bank balance and tons of regrets. India is biggest market to such scammers because of huge population and less earning opportunities.

Lakshay Chaudhary Exposing Lotus 365:

Lakshay Chaudhary is another famous YouTuber who is known for trolling people generally. Lakshay Chaudhary also remains in talks fo is choosy nature for brand promotion. Lakshay claims that he doesn’t promote risky and bogus apps and products. In a short video Lakshay Chaudhary is seen talking about Lotus 365 and how they are scamming public. Lakshay Chaudhary is seen telling that he wil tell people about how their model works and how they are unsafe for public.

So, we hope you make a calculated move after reading this article as TheBrightWall care for the reader and their hard earned money. We have also written about a fraud betting app Dani Data in past and it has also did a big fraud with the users.

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