Sajid Khan Controversy: Sajid Khan in Trouble Again, This Actress accused him for Attempt To Kill her; She Left the Country Overnight

Sajid Khan is one of the contestants in the Bigg Boss 16 show and so are the controversies around him, here’s a new controversy which might increase trouble for Sajid Khan.

Kanishka Soni on Sajid Khan:

Ever since Sajid Khan has entered the show his name can be seen making the headlines almost everyday. The fast growing controversies around Sajid Khan reached new heights when TV Actress Kanishka Soni came to the front to interact with media. Kanishka Soni has put Sajid Khan in real trouble with her serious allegations this time. You will also be shocked on knowing these claims made by the TV actress.

For those who don’t know Kanishka Soni, let us tell you about the TV actress who was in media talks few months back for marrying herself. Kanishka Soni has charged Sajid Khan with some very serious allegations this time. Sharing a recent video on social media Kanishka exposes Sajid Khan by claiming that Sajid was indulged in some dirty acts with her.

Asked to remove t-shirt:

Here’s what Kanishka Soni says in the video, “I don’t want to call anyone’s name. Some time back I talked about a producer who called me at his residence. As I reached his home, he asked me to show my stomach. This is an instance from 2008 when he promised to sign a film with me. He asked me to remove my T-Shirt. Now I came to know that this man is in the Bigg Boss house. My friends and family want me to talk about him openly.” Have a look at the post here:


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“He can try to kill me”: Kanishka Soni:

Further in the video Kanishka is seen  sharing the story where she was threatened to death by this man. She shares a caption reading, “I feel so insecure while telling you all the whole truth , these powerful personalities can kill me anytime & I am hopeless from Indian government & laws but I trust GOD & have FAITH that the struggle I went through bcoz of them he will answer me all together .. I totally feel goddess is inside me & ready to punish each one🙏 I am talking about #sajidkhan whom you all have accepted into #bigboss , specially my question is for @beingsalmankhan ji who is my fav & everyone’s , how come he doesn’t look at the characters big boss choose before selecting anyone for big boss ?”

I will make Career in Hollywood: Kanishka

Kanishka Soni looks disappointed from Salman Khan also as he is the host of the show. Kanishka Soni feels that Salman Khan is also supporting Sajid Khan and says that she is going to leave the country as it is not safe for her to stay in India anymore. She further adds that she is not weak but is scared right now. In the end she can be seen sharing her future plans to restart her career from Hollywood.

Let’s see how netizens and Sajid Khan reacts to this. Do not forget to share your thoughts on our Twitter handle.

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