Sunita Ahuja had turned down the offer to do a film with Govinda, knowing the reason will make you laugh!

Sunita Ahuja Movie: Film actor Govinda is  a well-known actor in the industry, but his wife Sunita Ahuja is also no less popular. We all know that Govinda is a person with reserved nature and is too much into worship and overall a religious person. On the contrary Govinda’s wife Sunita Ahuja is known for her witty and cool nature. Time and again we have seen Sunita Ahuja answering typical interview questions in a way that shuts the host’s mouth. She has the capability to make anyone speechless in front of her by her cool sense of humor.

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Why Sunita Ahuja Rejected Films?

Recently, a throwback video of Sunita and Govinda is going viral on social media, in which she is openly telling why she never wanted to work in films. It is not that Sunita did not get offers for films, even she got a chance to do a film with Govinda, but she refused. But the logic behind Sunita’s refusal will make you laugh.

Witty Reply of Sunita Ahuja:

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The video which is going viral on the internet is quite funny. This is a video of a show hosted by Sugandha Mishra and Krishna Abhishek. In the video, Sugandha asks Sunita “If hero number 1 has come out of this house, then heroine number 1 will also come out of this house and you went straight out in front of the camera, has this ever happened?” On this Sunita says, “Why should I work so hard?” Hearing Sunita’s answer, Krishna and Govinda start laughing badly. After this Sunita says, “When the hero is earning, then why should you work hard. Just spend his money and enjoy”. On this, Sunita says, ‘I got many offers, even got an offer to work with husband Govinda, but why should I work so hard. I can’t even spend time on doing makeup.”

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