Why Neha Kakkar Started Behaving Strange on Her Live Stage Performance? Neha Kakkar Gets Trolled by Netizens once again

A video is going viral from Neha Kakkar’s live concert on internet, netizens are trolling Neha Kakkar for making funny sounds on stage and making fun of autotune misfunctioning.

Neha Kakkar Live Performance:

Neha Kakkar, One of Bollywood’s most popular and well-liked singer is back in news. The actress rose to fame at an early age and has maintained it. The singer of Kala Chashmah, who has a sizable fan base both online and offline, frequently makes news for sobbing unceasingly when watching performances on reality shows. She is currently making news for entirely different reasons, though.

Since a video of the Indian Idol judge’s most recent live performance went viral, she has been a popular topic of conversation. To learn more about what we’re discussing, scroll down.

Why Neha Kakkar Started Moaning on Live Performance on Stage?

During a recent live performance, Neha Kakkar mesmerized the crowd. She may be seen singing a Manali Trance song from movie The Shaukeens ft. Lisa Haydon in the now-viral video. The audience bursts into raucous applause as soon as Neha starts singing the other section of the song. The singer, however, received trolling because many mistakenly believed that she was moaning instead of singing. Let’s first have a look at the viral video:

Netizens Trolling Neha Kakkar Voice and Autotune:

Neha Kakkar is seen singing Manali Trance tune in the starting followed by “Aaahhh Puff!” and “Aaahhh Stuff” which is very inappropriate. Netizens are still figuring out that what was Neha Kakkar thinking when she was doing this. Let’s have a quick look over what the netizens have to say about this funny incident.

One of the comments on this video says(translated from hindi), “I would request Britishers to take charge of the country again as such people are using the independence in a wrong way.”

Other user drops a comment that, “This happens when your autotune feature is turned off”

There are many more comments around the video which are not appropriate to post in this article, so you can go and check out the video on Instagram and the comment section there is open to all to read.

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