Zwigato Movie Review: Good Rating but Poor Collections, Here’s What Kapil Sharma Starrer Movie Failed At Delivering

Kapil Sharma starrer Zwigato gets good ratings but fails to achieve big collection at box office. Check out full Zwigato movie review in this article.

Zwigato Movie Review : Delivers a critical message but at a slow pace

Zwigato Story

Manas quits his job as a factory floor manager to work as a delivery driver for a food delivery service. The film follows his routine, which is filled with assessments, fines, and rewards for finishing late. When his wife Pratima decides to work as a cleaner at a mall, things get problematic in their otherwise happy family life.

Zwigato Review

Those who bring food have become a necessary part of our lives. How much do we really know about what happens behind the scenes while we wait for our food, despite the fact that we may grade and tip them? Through the character Manas Mahto, director and co-writer Nandita Das provides insight into that (Kapil Sharma). Yet it’s also a way to discuss the struggles that a particular social group—the labour class—faces as a result of insufficient work prospects.

The movie follows Manas’s everyday struggles as his wife Pratima (Shahana Goswami), against his wishes, works to maintain the family financially. We quickly learn about aspects like how app businesses lure drivers with ‘incentives’ to make as many deliveries as possible each day and how they are exploited on multiple levels. Manas corrects a placard message that reads, “Woh mazdoor hai, is liye majboor hai,” (He’s a labourer because he’s helpless), by lamenting, “Woh majboor hai, is liye mazdoor hai,” (He’s a labourer because he’s helpless).

The film also delicately explores the class and gender discrimination that is pervasive in our culture. an a…………………. Zwigato crams in too much information, even though it is well known that the social system, economy, and politics are intertwined. The narrative is hindered at times because it appears to be a collection of events that have been pieced together. While the first half of the book constructs the universe at its own speed, the second half similarly moves things along slowly, at times even dragging. Numerous scenes, including one in which an activist named Govindraj (Swanand Kirkire) protests, another in which a guy of a different faith is targeted, etc., seem a little too forced.

The dingy bylanes of Bhubaneshwar, where the drama is situated, are expertly used by cinematographer Ranjan Palit to represent the commoner’s reality while Nandita and co-writer Samir Patil skillfully present a realistic story. The movie is more realistic because Odisha’s grand monuments and exotic beauty are skipped. A special mention should be made of the stop-motion animation that appears as Yeh Raat plays throughout the credits.

Shahana is a skilled performer, and in this instance, she pulls off a superb performance with her body language, dialect, and local Jharkhand accent in addition to her mannerisms and expression. But in this one, Kapil is a revelation. He plays his parts perfectly as a loving but socialised misogynistic spouse, sarcastic parent, disgruntled employee, and desperate man. You won’t see him acting like the outrageous comedian he typically is even once.

Manas is depicted as being extremely irritated by his circumstances, yet in an effort to prove that life continues on for those in similar situations, the conclusion is oversimplified and quick, which makes it seem believable.

The movie progresses generally at a slow pace, which could make you restless. Yet, because of its purpose and excellent performances, it is worth watching. Over all else, the movie succeeds in making you feel sympathy for individuals who perform unusual or trivial tasks to ease our burdens. Consider this.

Final Statement

Zwigato has everything that a ‘good’ movie has but misses many elements that a ‘superhit’ movie has. Acting skills of actors is above average and expectation of viewers due to Kapil Sharma’s comic image. Kapil Sharma has wiped his comic image completely and played a really serious role in this movie. There are some points which are missing from the movie. The story was powerful and had sympathy to all the working class people who are underpaid for their jobs. The thing that was missing was the flow of the movie, it was slow and in between there were some unnecessary elements added which had no relevance with the story.

The cast seems to be a bit weak as there were no popular faces in the film except Kapil Sharma. The film is missing a side role or supportive actor. All stories are not supposed to have a happy ending but viewers are confused about the movie’s ending like this is just the intermission but without any suspense.

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